Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink

Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink is now opened!

For those who don't live around PJ, here's some awesome news for ya.

You know how people always complain for not having enough space to skate at the one and only ice-skating rink at Sunway Pyramid? (Well not me, I love the crowd so I'll be damn sure that when I fall, someone within 3 feet will be there to freaking help me up)

The rink at the Curve is now opened!
(It was actually opened some time ago but I couldn't find time to blog lol)

So few months ago my friends and I were walking around e-Curve until we stumbled upon this banner from afar:

We immediately ran towards the entrance with joy hoping to be able to skate but to our dismay, it wasn't opened yet. All we could see was:

Yes, an empty rink. T_T

We took pictures anyhow lol :P

The staffs were so friendly I swear I felt like hugging them.

They have a cafe &I saw a mini popcorn popper in there!
*dances around blissfully*

Myriads of ice skates!

Brian &Abdul being vain posers.

So cute!

So who's up for skating? Lemme know. :)


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