Finally got to hang out with my sweetheart again!

Drove all the way to frisk for a dress for prom at Bangsar.

Being able to shop and try on pretty dresses is probably something that every girl loves doing! I don't know about other girls, but experience tells me that it is rarely possible that a girl will be contented by just trying on a dress once. Instead, purchases will be not made, not before she has visited a few boutiques and after amassing a cluster of clothes to be tried in the fitting room. Guys ought to understand and infix this in their heads so that they can be extra patient the next time their girlfriends shop. After all, WE splurge to look good to impress YOU. :P

She finally made up her mind!

She had to meet a few friends in the Curve so I was entrusted with her car teehee :P Without the slightest hesitation, I picked the guys up after dropping her off and we proceeded to have....

BANANA LEAVE RICE! Our ultimate favorite :P

We ate like pigs lol :)

Met up with my her again a few weeks later. This time to Bangsar again for threading session. Really respect her for having the guts to go through so much pain to look pretty. I still remember the first time she went for threading at KL Sentral. She teared and moaned like a baby lol!

First stop: Banana leave rice (again) at Nirwana.

Next, to Bangsar Village Mall, just to kill time lol.

Grace at Grace Salon :P

Had so much fun randomly posing at the mall.

Why do they look like they're going for ice-skating?!! Must be her boots!

We soon felt bored and PY came up with the idea to chill at Midvalley when I mentioned that it was about time that we should sit down, have a drink and a good chat.

To Delicious it is. :)

Recommended PY to get this. Was rather disappointed because the ones served in One Utama have a bigger portion of ice cream and more generous amount of chocolate syrup, hence they're worth the price you pay.

This is just what bloggers do when they hang out.

Our drinks. Vanilla milk shake for me and that pink thing for PY.

I can't remember exactly what it's called but it sounded something like strawberry lychee blast (?) and she thought it is really refreshing and she really liked it. Not something that I'll take more than a sip though because they blended in mint leaves as well. Yikes!



Erm.. brown?

Guess who we bumped into, again? The Gujarati lovebirds! :P Forever dating, ish.

And as though we weren't feeling worn out, we've decided to end the night with a shisha session at MJ. (the shisha there sucks now btw but it's the nearest option we've got)

Trying to be healthy? Thrifty?


Good night!