I have carried out some sort of a research on myself just about a week ago on how much time I spend listening, talking, writing and reading  in a day. I am pretty much a chatterbox myself, (which degree varies depending on my mood and the time of the day) which is why I am astounded to find out that I am actually more of a listener as compared to being a speaker:

The "research" was done on a Tuesday, although I pretty much engage myself in the same, monotonous activities every other day.
&Okay, maybe the difference isn't all that significant at all, but the point here is that I listen a lot, even if I do speak as much. (Anecdote of a first-class multitasker)

To some, I am a loud and boisterous person, but to many, I am quiet and urbane (testified and sworn by)

And when I don't speak, I listen, and that is when my judgement oozes in. I have to clarify one thing though - I am a very considerate person. I will still listen despite how much I hate the topic or the speaker because I regard such action as a basic courtesy in life. However, if I have to come to a point where I am so sick and tired of listening to the same bullshit that doesn't concern me at all, and that the speaker is clearly unaware of how uncomfortable I am listening to his/her baloney about how stupid his/her brother's best friend's father-in-law's arch rival's nephew is, I will keep my distance or I will probably just politely ask that particular person to shut the fuck up.

I am no professional, but here's my two cents on what some of you can do in order to avoid being hugged in the neck with a rope or bashed with a baseball bat:

An effective speaker should:

- Not hog the conversation and allow other people to speak as well. It is a 2-way communication you hog (a domesticated pig which weighs over 120 pounds (54 kg) and reared for slaughter purposes) so consider shutting up for a moment and "grant" other people the "permission" to express and converse.

- Stop boasting. Well guess what? The world does not revolve around you, nor your mother, your disfigured face, your bike, your dog, your subnormal puberty, nor your distorted brain. Stop bragging and give others some room to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. No one wants to know too much about you unless you're dying or you're related to Monica Belluci.

- Be culturally-sensitive. You don't sit behind a table with 5 other people of different races only to mock and rant about how cheap or dirty certain races are.

- Speak only when necessary. If a question isn't being directed to you, then the answer should definitely not come from you.

Hope this is helpful, lol.
Cheers! xo