LV Cafe & Shisha Bar, Cyber Heights Villa, Cyberjaya

Hello fellow Shisha-ians!
What is that one favorite thing that we can do anytime of the day? Shisha of course! My boyf and I have dedicated a lot of our time searching for the best places to enjoy a good pot of shisha in KL/PJ. It isn't always that successful, but we get to explore hell lot of things along the way.

For instance:

Found the most beautiful place to have our shisha. Love the decorations and most importantly, the Filipino waitresses there are friendly and polite

I have to thank my dad for introducing me to this place lol.

The residents here are mostly Iranians and if you're lucky enough, there will be hot hunks and chicks in bikinis taking a splash at the outdoor swimming pool. I like

The shisha pot is short and I just love how it sits oh-so-perfectly on the rug

Ordered our food from La Vida:

Yummy gheymey!

I have previously blogged about La Vida before. If you are a fan of Persian food, you can read about it here

Can't wait to be back here again! :)

Lavazza Cafe, VIVA Home Kuala Lumpur

It was my first time at Viva Home, with him! :)

Was using foursquare (as usual) to look for good places for lunch and this cafe topped the list

This place is really pricey considering the quality of the food they serve

Wanted to try a cake too but they didn't look too appealing so we settled for their set lunch promo instead (which is basically the most reasonable item there)

Started off with mushroom soup. Bless them for serving Tabasco!

Iced tea

He ordered black pepper beef fried rice but he got chicken instead. We did not bother to place a complaint because we were starving lol

Spaghetti with fried chicken. Definitely tasted more like Chinese stir-fry noodles. The chicken is tender and perfectly fried. Didn't really like the noodles though

Oh well, will definitely not return again.

LG 06-07,VIVA Mall Sdn Bhd No.85, Jalan Loke Yew 55200 Kuala Lumpur

pH Pastry House, Tasik Damai Sungai Besi

No one can possibly refuse good desserts. Take me for an example - as hard as I am battling to shed some of these fats, the slightest sight of a dessert shop will get me slobbering. I consider myself really lucky to be able to stay in an area loaded with food stores and restaurants.

The furnishing is simple yet sufficing

The food may seem costly but then again, doesn't every other dessert shop set a similar pricing? It's hopeless trying to look for a cheap place to have proper desserts especially in KL area lol

Pastries and desserts:

The cutest coaster ever!

Our food:

Pear tart RM8.90

Turkey &egg and ham cheese roll, RM4.20 each

Orange juice, RM9

Vanilla latte, RM9

Chicken Caesar Salad, RM10.90

Lasagna RM18.90

Additional service charge 10%


It was a happy meal :)

Landmarks: Lake Field, LRT Sungai Besi

Green Bamboo Seafood Restaurant 竹林海鲜饭店, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Bandar Mahkota Cheras folks, here's another entry for you!

Green Bamboo Seafood Restaurant has been around for quite sometime and its food is still as good!

The atmosphere in the restaurant is perfect for families to dine in, and the fact that it is an enclosed and air-conditioned area makes it even more pleasant and cozy.

Complimentary pudding served after the meal

I guess the only awful part is that all the waiters are young boys who are still schooling and they are not exactly particular about the ethics of serving e.g. one of them spilled the dish all over the table. Other than that, it is definitely worth a try.