Hello fellow Shisha-ians!
What is that one favorite thing that we can do anytime of the day? Shisha of course! My boyf and I have dedicated a lot of our time searching for the best places to enjoy a good pot of shisha in KL/PJ. It isn't always that successful, but we get to explore hell lot of things along the way.

For instance:

Found the most beautiful place to have our shisha. Love the decorations and most importantly, the Filipino waitresses there are friendly and polite

I have to thank my dad for introducing me to this place lol.

The residents here are mostly Iranians and if you're lucky enough, there will be hot hunks and chicks in bikinis taking a splash at the outdoor swimming pool. I like

The shisha pot is short and I just love how it sits oh-so-perfectly on the rug

Ordered our food from La Vida:

Yummy gheymey!

I have previously blogged about La Vida before. If you are a fan of Persian food, you can read about it here

Can't wait to be back here again! :)