No one can possibly refuse good desserts. Take me for an example - as hard as I am battling to shed some of these fats, the slightest sight of a dessert shop will get me slobbering. I consider myself really lucky to be able to stay in an area loaded with food stores and restaurants.

The furnishing is simple yet sufficing

The food may seem costly but then again, doesn't every other dessert shop set a similar pricing? It's hopeless trying to look for a cheap place to have proper desserts especially in KL area lol

Pastries and desserts:

The cutest coaster ever!

Our food:

Pear tart RM8.90

Turkey &egg and ham cheese roll, RM4.20 each

Orange juice, RM9

Vanilla latte, RM9

Chicken Caesar Salad, RM10.90

Lasagna RM18.90

Additional service charge 10%


It was a happy meal :)

Landmarks: Lake Field, LRT Sungai Besi