A new restaurant is now open for business at Sunway Giza! It's more good news for Segi students lol.

It's great that now, we get to have pancakes for a change. 
With the swift emergence of food blogs and Instagram, people are now constantly on the hunt for the most delectable and appealing food in town. What better than to have a picture of fluffy slices of pancakes generously topped with whipped cream and drizzled with your favorite sauce served graciously on a modish square plate from Macy's? (Sorry for the profuse usage of adjectives, just came home from a break after working since 7 in the morning for my FYP :[ ).

Got a feeling that one day, I will get fined for taking pictures of the menu lol.

The entrance itself is an attraction on its own.

I could eat 20 pancakes for lunch in such a cozy and spruced up ambiance.

Orange juice (RM6.90) &a glass of refreshing water (RM2) for a sunny afternoon!

Cheese fried chicken cutlet set meal (RM23.90)

Here comes the best part:


Berry Berry Pancake (RM16.90).

It is indeed, berry berry nice. It is exactly the type of pancake that I will make on a Saturday morning, and have it gobbled down with a glass of low fat milk. It does not only come with all my favorite and nutrient-infused berries, but it also comes with blueberry jam and strawberry syrup, topped with a heavenly scoop of vanilla ice-cream!

Like what I always say, "Aiya, wanna spend anyway, then spend happily lah!"

Best food I have had in days. I miss it already :'(

We both have had an awesome time there!

The lady boss was also kind enough to ask me to pick a badge for me to take home.

You HAVE to definitely give it a try!

Service charge 10%

F-03 First Floor, Sunway Giza Mall
Tel: 03-61431632