I was invited for a food tasting session at Koufu which was recently open for business in Subang/Puchong.

Don't you just love it when restaurant owners put in so much effort in furnishing the restaurant? I believe when it comes to dining out, the taste of the food isn't everything (although obviously, it does play a major role), but the surroundings play an equally vital role as well especially in stimulating the appetite of the customers.

With that being said, my friend and I have had a great time dining here because the ambiance was on par with the food served. The perfect blend of the red, yellow and white colors creates a sense of harmony within the restaurant walls. It was a blissful experience!

Koufu serves Foo Chow food, which are definitely not common in KL/PJ areas. Reminded me a lot about my four years stay in Perak where the food was good and the people were friendly.

The menu:

I did not post everything from the menu because some dishes look so much better the way I saw them. For example:

Red Wine Chicken Noodles

Looking at this makes me want to run back to the restaurant again

This dish uses kampung chicken. While we might not know or consider this as an added advantage, the elderly knows better! Kampung chickens are more expensive compared to those sold in supermarkets because they are believed to be more flavorful, and hence, are considered to be premium by those who know their food well.

For those who do not find the soup sufficiently infused with the Chinese red wine, you can request to upgrade your dish. It is slightly more expensive, but it is going to be worth every extra penny that you pay. The noodles and soft and succulent, and the ingredients, when combined, produce the perfect meal.

Wantan dried noodles

The one thing that sets this dish apart from every other wantan noodles in town is, well, the noodles! They describe their noodles as 'QQ'. The Foochows describe their chewy noodles as 'Q'. So imagine having 'QQ' noodles - double the chewiness! And as you can see, they are very generous with the char siew.

I absolutely love the dumplings. The soup is so flavorful and the meats and condiments blended so well, making it the perfect side dish for the noodles.

Voila! The famous Long Yen noodles. You know something is definitely good when it is the boss' favorite.

First bite and it reminded me of a thicker version of the Cantonese style noodles. The long yen noodles are obviously thicker, and are pretty starchy as well. You should definitely try it out if you have such a preference.

Another dish which you cannot easily find in the city - Kong Piang!

This is a very special biscuit originated from Sitiawan, and it doesn't come as a surprise if many of you have not tried it. It is hard and crusty, with a special savory filling inside. Perfect when dipped in the chili sauce provided.

You have to give this a try!

This is my personal favorite!

The Koufu Tang Shui is a product of 10 different kinds of ingredients (refer to the menu to know exactly which). Initially, I was skeptical when the boss introduced this dessert. Who would have thought that a combination of so many different types of herbs and grains can produce such perfection?
And just when you think that 'tang shui' (direct translation: sugar water) are typically as sweet as having to drink 3 parts sugar and 1 part water, you would be very surprised to try this one. The amount of sweetness is perfect. It isn't like you're drinking dissolved sugar, because the sweetness comes from the blend of the ingredients, making it so natural and pleasurable to the taste buds.

Also, while you're there, remember to ask for this chili paste. It goes well with the long yen noodles or anything else that you feel requires a special enhancement :)

If you have the time, take a walk to the other side of the restaurant and you will be able to find a booth at the back. The concept resembles that of Chatime or Snowflakes, where customers are able to order their drinks and get them without having to wait for a long time. Perfect for smokers too :P

Special thanks to the boss and Jason for the detailed explanation and patience. Love the fact that all the workers are very friendly and helpful as well. Had a great time there.

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B-11-GF Garden Shoppe One City, Jalan USJ25/1A, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor