Acme Bar & Coffee has always been a famous hangout spot among teenagers and adults alike, and I finally found the time to see for myself if this place is as commendable as claimed.

Was there for dinner in the late evening

The three towers of Troika


Lamb Kofta (RM19)
Really juicy and flavorful. The minty and savory dip with pomegranate seeds is awesome!

Main course:

Spaghetti bolognese (RM29)
Like every other bolognese sauce, this one is a little bland too but good nonetheless.

Sirloin steak (RM 69)
Honestly, I think this is overrated and it wasn't worth the price at all. I would much prefer the steaks in TGI Friday's/Chili's. What's so special about the dish however, is the deep-fried battered vegetable. Yums!

Food is not food without Tasbascoooo

Wrapping it all up with their signature dessert:

Sizzling Brownie (RM19)
All the sizzles and frizzles the moment the attendant poured the chocolate sauce onto the ice-cream and cake

The presentation swept me off my feet, but the taste however, is only mediocre in my opinion.

Service charge: 10%
Tax: 5.17% (err...)

Service is above average, prices are reasonable (considering the location), food is pretty overrated, but overall it is a great place to chill.

This place is always packed so remember to make your reservations especially on weekends!