Chutney Mary
What a lovely name for a restaurant!

Chutney Mary was founded by beautiful Miss Mary Kaur in 2004.

 Conveniently located in Bangsar, it serves North Indian, South Indian and Pakistani cuisines. It has a vibrant and colorful decor, yet cozy enough to make you feel right at home.

I absolutely love how the kitchen is fringed with glass panes, allowing customers to sneak a look at how their food is being prepared. 

A spanking clean kitchen overseen by experienced Indian chefs. It is an Indian gastronomic experience come true!

....and food is served ;)

Starters (Vegetarian)

Tandoori Garden Mushrooms (RM 20.90)
Garden mushrooms marinated with ginger, garlic and green chilly in fresh yogurt, skewered and grilled in earthen oven.

This is definitely unique. How often do you see mushrooms being grilled this way? It was my first!

Paneer Tikka (RM 20.90)
Homemade cottage cheese cubes imbued with shahi zeera, wrapped in green pepper corn and glazed in the Tandoor.

Glazed cheese cubes. Who would have thought?!
This dish tasted like toufu. It is light and tasty, the way starters ought to be.

Starters (Non-Vegetarian)

Tandoori Chicken (RM 18.90-half, RM 32.90-full)
Marinated with yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice, tumeric powder and garam masala and cooked in the Tandoor.

I have always preferred North Indian food over the South, due to the presentation and the taste of the dishes. The former is always tastefully and delicately served on the most handsome tableware and its taste is always more subdued (less oily etc) yet still as flavorful as the latter.

The tandoori chicken served here is a precise example of a healthier alternative. Unlike those in mamaks, the tandoori chicken here isn't soaked in yellowish pungent oil, nor does it leaves traces of red coloring on your fingers after the meal.

Kairi Chicken Special (RM 22.90)
Boneless chicken tikka marinated with fresh mint, mango and yogurt. Grilled over charcoal fire.

Notice the word special? I always go for dishes with the word special in it because nothing is more fascinating than having to try something out of the ordinary, just like this dish! It is served in a mini Tandoor (which looks exquisite) and it tasted great! Tender and absolutely flavorful!

(Indians would get the joke :P)

Meet Thomas, the guy who sat next to me but didn't know my name. Also, he knows two of my friends, one from Johor and another from Perak. Just got me thinking that the world is getting increasingly smaller.

Main Course

Methi Tomato Fish Curry (RM22.90)
Fish cooked in a blend of Kashmiri deghi mirch (red chili powder), cumin, coriander, cardamon, and tomatoes.

I love this dish! It is a little sweet and goes so well with the bread!

Butter Chicken (RM22.90)
Tandoor-grilled chicken tikka in tomato gravy with kasoori methi (fenugreek leaves)

Another favorite. The tinge of sweetness in its gravy makes it a whole lot different!

Palak Paneer (RM19.90)
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in ground spinach

A dish which needs no introduction. Spinach puree and cheese are simply the perfect combination.

Photo credit: neonglorified (ps. thanks Elaine)

Malabar Prawn Curry (RM25.90)
Prawns cooked in nappedina coconut, green chili, curry leaf, kokum masala and spices

To my dismay, this dish was not served on my side of the table. However, other bloggers gave good remarks about this dish. Will be sure to try it out the next I'm there ;)

Hyderabadi Lamb Briyani (RM23.90), which in my opinion, goes perfectly well with...

... the famous Dal Makhani (RM17.90)
A combination of black lentils, tomato, ginger, garlic, cream and unsalted butter.

An assortment of Indian breads!

Roomali Roti (RM7.90)

It was actually my first time trying this bread and it was love at first bite! It isn't crispy nor oily at all, and it taste and look like a sheet of handkerchief (not even kidding) but somehow it's different, and different is always special!

The famous naans: Butter, garlic and plain (RM6.90-RM7.90)

Crispy, crusty and soooooooo good! Naans served hot are the bomb.

Been seeing many of my friends checking into Chutney Mary on foursquare and now I finally get to try it for myself. This restaurant is highly recommended for a light and easy lunch/dinner, with a good cozy environment to sit back and relax. Like this:

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