Step-by-step Face Painting


It is always at the weirdest hour of the day that I often find the inspiration to do something productive. This time around, I felt the need to paint at one in the morning.

Here's the process of my painting:

It always starts off awfully

...until all the little details are gradually being filled in

That is when everything seems to come in place! No, wait. She looks like she is in dire need of mascara and a dash of lipstick

That's more like it

And some colors to jazz things up

And we obviously need to fill in those eyebrows

AND she is all set to go!



Ho Chi Minh: Behind the Sound of Pollution (VN Part 1)

Taking your first step into another country will always leave you in awe. Vietnam, however, has left me with an entirely different level of amazement.

In short, Vietnam was jaw-dropping, eye-opening, mind-blowing, heart-pumping, and every other bodily-related adjectives I could think of. Despite being an Asian, Vietnam, a country only 2,659.7 kilometers away, has made me realized that I was mistaken about everything I thought I knew about Asia.

Prior to this trip, I have read about the experiences of other bloggers just so I know what to expect when I am there. It was surprising to come across a few blog posts entitled 'Giving Vietnam Another Chance', and there were just too many negative remarks about the country that I was scheduled to fly to in less than a week's time. In order to make sure that I was able to embrace Vietnam wholeheartedly, I reassured myself that these bloggers were merely unaccustomed to the Asian way of living, in light of where they are coming from (mostly Americans).

So with an eager (and slightly anxious) heart, I have stepped foot in Vietnam for the first time!

Saigon from above

Ho Chi Minh, the communist revolutionary leader of Vietnam

Vietnam is... different.
While the infrastructures of the buildings reminded me so much of my hometown Kluang, the people, however, behave in ways which are evidently different from us.

Remember that kid next door who would rather stay at home all day and remain unemployed just because he wasn't able to land his dream job? Or that girl you know from college who whined for hours on end about having to work more than what is supposedly required of her?

Vietnamese will make you feel so ashamed about your sloth and complacency. It could be selling masks by the streets, brewing coffee and tea for businessmen, or selling fruits at the back alleys of the temples - Vietnamese find contentment in making a living, however arduous they may seem to be.

Unmistakable French influence in the architecture of some of the most prominent local landmarks (due to the French colonialism in the late 1880s)

Who needs to fly to Paris for a wedding photoshoot when you can have it done right here in the city of Ho Chi Minh?

Motorcycles. Motorcycles. More motorcycles.

Saying "there are a crazy amount of motorcyclists on the streets" will not be able to justify the incalculable number of motorcycles surging through the already complex road system in Vietnam. The city comes alive with the sight of streams after streams of motorcycles, the collective buzzing sounds from their engines, and the smell of burning fuel in the air.

If you do not see motorcycles on the roads, you're probably not in Ho Chi Minh.

I figured the only way you could see for yourself how crazy the traffic really is would be to show you a video (which will be uploaded soon).


You want it? They have it! (Head on to Ben Thanh Market for a selection of.... everything)

View from where I was sitting during a dinner cruise (the experience was an amazing!)

Language barrier and having to figure out the exact amount to pay without getting confused (too many zeros!) are probably the only problems encountered during the trip.

This is only the introduction of the trip. There are just too many pictures and experiences to share and they are impossible to be summarized in just one blog post. Stay tuned for more!

ps. Gotta thank my family for planning this amazing trip!


Nadeje Mille Crepe, Melaka

Malaysians will try just about anything that is trending within the country, even if it means having to drive cross three states or having to go on a binge. A very good example would be Dip 'n Dip, and the other:

Mille Crepe from Nadaje, Melaka.
And just like everyone else, I was tempted to give their cakes a try to see for myself what's all the buzz about during our trip to Melaka last year

Decided to takeaway our cakes in order to avoid being in the queue with the rest

Their cakes come in various flavors and are gracefully presented behind a refrigerated display case

For takeaways, you can opt to have your cakes neatly tucked into an insulated bag to keep them fresh and in place. Each box comes with an ice pack.

In my opinion, these cakes are really nothing to shout about. It's, well.... mille crepe.