Malaysians will try just about anything that is trending within the country, even if it means having to drive cross three states or having to go on a binge. A very good example would be Dip 'n Dip, and the other:

Mille Crepe from Nadaje, Melaka.
And just like everyone else, I was tempted to give their cakes a try to see for myself what's all the buzz about during our trip to Melaka last year

Decided to takeaway our cakes in order to avoid being in the queue with the rest

Their cakes come in various flavors and are gracefully presented behind a refrigerated display case

For takeaways, you can opt to have your cakes neatly tucked into an insulated bag to keep them fresh and in place. Each box comes with an ice pack.

In my opinion, these cakes are really nothing to shout about. It's, well.... mille crepe.