Is Groupon Safe and Reliable? Read more to find out.

Can anyone really refuse a good Groupon deal in which branded goods can be gotten at half price? While the whole bargain may appear favorable to your wallet, could the approach of a "marked-down-to-sell-more" technique, however, imply a fault in the goods or services being provided?

If it's too good to be true, then it probably is, so how exactly safe and reliable are your Groupons?

I have been an avid fan of Groupon Malaysia since it's establishment in this economically rich country, and I believe that daily deal sites are one of man's best creation. Being able to save up to 70% on the total prices on consumer goods and services that are deemed essential in life definitely feels as though Santa really do exist. The thing is, he is nonexistent, and neither are cheap, first-rate deals.

The Good and Bad of Groupon

Is Groupon safe and reliable? Below are a list of reasons why you should or should not purchase a Groupon deal online according to their respective categories, based on my personal experiences:

Getaways and Travels
This category, in my opinion, is the most reliable and valuable type of Groupons, especially if the deals involve accommodations at prominent 5-star hotels (you know, expensive hotels and resorts that you otherwise would never splurge on). The best way to go about "verifying" if the price of the stay has indeed been marked down, is by logging in to Agoda or other similar websites to compare the prices online.

Purchases of goods from Groupon, Lazada, or any other online shopping sites are generally fine. Keep in mind that most products can be sold at cheaper prices only because they were manufactured and sold by OEM companies. However, with experiences working in online shopping sites, I've found out that there are a handful of suppliers who send out counterfeit goods to the consumers, which in turn, damage the reputation of these online sites. Always read and check the return and exchange policy to ensure that you will be rightfully entitled to the privileges of a consumer.

Beauty and Healthcare
...a.k.a, the categories I detest the most. Most of these small-time/barely-known beauty and health spas manage to find fame (and revenue) only with the help of reputable online shopping sites. They deliberately price their deals as low as they could, and when the customers swallow the baits, they will then unveil their hateful tactics - offering an additional "compulsory" on-site service that if you choose not to accept and pay for (usually 5 times the price of the original deal), the attendants will immediately stop being friendly to you, and that naturally leads to a lousy service.

I have recently purchased a waxing deal which resulted in an infection. The motive of online shopping is always about browsing through sites to see which can offer the lowest price for the same type of goods/services, and the quality/brands are usually given the least priority. Most of the spas/clinics offering their services online are start-ups or businesses that just could not flourish (why would they otherwise give you a 80% discount?) and are hoping to score some easy customers online by just paying a minimal commission fee. So, how well do you think you know your beauty/healthy experts?

 *This does not apply to every deal though, some are actually up to the mark.

Food and Beverages
Gives you good savings, but always remember to bring along the printed voucher or else "Noooooooo, must have printed voucher. If no then kenot give you eat". Always check what is included in the deal as to be sure that you are not getting less than what you have been promised.

The tips and guide to using Groupon vouchers are endless. The gist here is to always remember your rights as a consumer. Hope this helps! :)