eating insects in thailand
Eating Insects in Bangkok

I couldn't even make myself touch an insect, let alone eat it whole, fried and spiced.

Well, I guess Bangkok, along with the right amount of alcohol, could make you do anything - and that was exactly what happened.

It was just another night at Khao San when the idea of bar-hopping suddenly sounded tedious. I gave it up for a long stroll instead, and that was when I came across a cart selling nothing but still, fried insects. Slightly woozy and intoxicated, I staggered to the cart from across the street and started selecting my snacks for the night.

fried insects bangkok
Choices, choices!

eating insects in thailand
10 baht for a picture, unless you're a customer

things to try in thailand
My pick for the night! Everything above for just 50 baht

I am pretty sure I steered clear of cockroaches and those mussels lookalike thing but I somehow found (and almost eaten) a few of those. The vendor must have decided to generously throw in whatever that she couldn't sell.

And so I started with the worms (the most harmless and edible) and reluctantly moved on to the locusts which were as thick as my fingers. The other insects? Well, I kinda just offered them to the drunk guys sitting at the next table.

The verdict: Worms - yummy and very squishy.
Everything else? I wouldn't eat them again even if I had to do it to survive the Great Famine.

good food in bangkok
Thanks, Bangkok, for all the crazy experiences.

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