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Introducing the spanking new flavor from Häagen-Dazs!

There is always something so fascinating about ice-cream. It could be the way it slowly but cautiously melts in your mouth. Perhaps it is also the pleasure that it brings to the taste buds with each scoop of luscious, velvety goodness, or how gracefully the cream fuses with the flavors of the ingredients.

So when I was told that Häagen-Dazs has launched a new flavor, I was very excited.

premium ice cream brands

Banana, chocolate brownie, and chocolate fudge all sealed in a tub - It's definitely a dream come true

I love incorporating ice-cream in any of the sweet snack that I make, and premium brands like Häagen-Dazs can really make a huge difference in the overall taste and presentation of the food. You know that you can always rely on the texture, and when it melts, it turns into a lush creamy paste that will still taste good, besides doing an excellent job coating your waffles or pancakes. On the other hand, ice-cream that comes with a lower tag does not only have an awful consistency when it liquefy, but it also ruins whatever that is left on the plate.

Premium ice-cream is always worth the money.

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Chocolate waffles topped with Häagen-Dazs banana chocolate brownie ice-cream and fresh strawberries.

This dish of sinful indulgence is so good yet is effortless to prepare. The BCB ice-cream perfectly complements the waffles. It is so rich and luscious, and as suggested by the name, each spoonful yields a perfect blend of banana, chunks of chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge and vanilla. 

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Ps. Bananas used are sourced from the North America's tropical regions of Panama and Costa Rica.