What It's Like Inside a Capsule Hotel

This is an article entitled What It's Like Inside a Capsule Hotel

While traveling in China, I have unexpectedly chanced upon a capsule hotel which is both cheap and conveniently located near a metro station. I've spent a night in a capsule and the experience was pretty exciting.

The idea behind capsule hotels or kapuseru hoteru originated from Japan (a.k.a. the world's most innovative country). It features a large number of compact capsules to make it possible to provide guests with a cheap and basic overnight accommodation. I find this very useful for solo travelers for it comes with the much needed privacy and comfort.

inside a capsule hotel
Soft, plushy pillows and duvets

features of capsule hotels
Also comes with in-capsule entertainment. Great selection of movies!

capsule hotel booking
Mine even comes with four different type of cool lighting

Common features of a capsule hotel:

Inside a capsule:
  • Safe box (most budget hotels do not even have this)
  • Entertainment: Movies/Music + earphones
  • Mirror
  • Lighting (top, back, TV, mirror, reading)
  • Cup holder
  • Toiletries - Slippers, soap, towels etc

capsule hotels
Toiletries are usually provided in capsule hotels

  • Locker
  • Common area
  • Large communal bathing areas with hair dryers etc
  • Complimentary PC and WiFi usage
  • Separate sections for female and males

Remember to drop by a capsule hotel when you have the chance. There are many choices available on Booking.com to suit your preference and travel destination!


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