Journey of Joy At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Chef Johnny Loh and Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development at CBTL Malaysia

Christmas is meant be merry, fun, and bonding. Christians or not, December 25th is a day made for everyone to unite and indulge in delicious courses of meal, which customarily ends with a fancily decorated cake on the table, greedily gobbled down while friends and families laugh and chat throughout the night.

Christmas is a season of joy, and it's only right to make sure that you have all the right preparations to complete the occasion. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia helps you welcome this joyful Christmas with an exclusive menu consisting of holiday specials and other tasty bakeries that will uplift your day.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas Menu Cakes
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas Bakeries

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Christmas Bakeries

Developed by award-winning Chef Johnny Loh, the festive offerings are a mix of traditional desserts inspired by European classics.

“It’s been a privilege to develop this festive menu with the idea of Joy behind it – as a chef, I’ve always wanted people to feel good, even happy when they taste my food. It was also a challenge which I enjoyed – there’s a fine line to tread when dealing with classics. If you play it safe, then there’s nothing new; if you make drastic changes, people may not be able to adjust to the new taste. With this special menu, I trust I have hit the right balance and that Malaysians will spend a joy-filled season enjoying this delicious traditional spread at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf,” said Chef Johnny.

Dundee Fruit Cake (RM95/1kg)
Traditionally eaten as a Christmas Cake in Scotland; this moist and lightly spiced cake, generously topped with almonds, walnuts, apricots & cherries has a great flavor and crumbly texture. A Christmas fruit and nut case, indeed.

Sugar N' Chai Cheesecake (RM108/1kg)
A blend of chai spices, cream and sugar mixed with marinated apples, raisins & cherries on our all-time-favorite cheesecake. Light and delicate; delight in our British Indian take on a holiday favorite you can enjoy anytime. 

Christmas Cookie Party (RM130)
Party with us and our range of yummy-licious Christmas Cookies:
- Swiss Chocolate Almond Cookie
- Swiss Lemon Butter Cookie
- Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
- German Gingerbread Cooki
*Pack of 20 pieces (5 pieces per cookie flavor)

Warm Winter House (RM88)
Deliciously lovable, each section of the cottage is baked separately, made from our gingerbread-spiced buttercream and dusted with sugary snow. Spend a White Christmas in this American creation!

Jolly Breadman (RM5.80/pc)
Decked in colored buttons and individually wrapped in clear film, our hand-baked hole-y gingerbread man makes a lovely holiday gift and great for Christmas treat.

German Stollen (RM38)
Go the traditional German route and indulge in this rich, fruity, yeast bread filled with almond flakes, raisins, mixed peels, almond flakes, topped with a light glace icing.

Christmas Surprise Sampler (RM85)
The perfect Christmas party accompaniment: Classic Christmas Logs; Sugar N' Chai Cheesecake; German Stollen and Jolly Breadman - all in bite sizes that are sure to spread the holiday happiness to everyone! Pack of 20 pieces.

Jivara Raspberry Log (RM80/1kg)
Raspberry jelly rolled with a praline sponge and frosted with dark chocolate mousse from the forests of Ecuador - all weaved perfectly together in a great centerpiece at your Christmas party.

Classic Christmas Log
Celebrating this Christmas is not complete without the French classic yule-log-shaped cake: mocha ganache filling rolled with chocolate-flavored sponge cake, and frosted with chocolate mousse.

Additional Info:
  • In-store pickup
  • Delivery not available
  • Last pickup date: 2nd January 2016

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Holiday Specials
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Holiday Specials

Selected holiday classic beverages at CBTL are handcrafted and are made to order using high quality ingredients including specially created ice cubes and proprietary powders such as the French Deluxe Vanilla and Special Dutch Chocolate. Specially selected  beverages added to the menu this Christmas include:

  • Toffee Nut Latte
  • Toffee Nut Ice Blended® drink
  • Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte
  • Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended® drink
  • Double Chocolate Peppermint Hot Cocoa
  • Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
  • Red Velvet Ice Blended® drink
   All available in iced. Sold in-store.

Cute, quirky decorations to make perfect your Christmas cakes

For more information on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Journey of Joy this Christmas, check out their Facebook page or website at

Designed my own gingerbread man under the watchful guidance of Chef Johnny!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)


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