USANA 5-Day RESET Program [Review]

USANA 5-Day RESET Program
USANA 5-Day RESET Program

USANA is a Utah-based MLM company which produces nutraceuticals and nutritional products currently being sold across 20 international markets. It has three product lines, including USANA Nutritionals, USANA Diet & Energy, and Sensé. About a weeks ago, I was introduced to USANA's 5-day RESET plan, in which I am required to replace my daily meals with USANA products for five consecutive days. The meal plan includes two packets of Nutrimeal, one packet of Fibergy Plus, and a bottle of Proflavanol-C100. Within five days, it is claimed that I will be able to:
  • Lose the first few pounds
  • Curb hunger pangs
  • Break poor nutritional habits

On top of the products, it is recommended to drink at least 8 to10 glasses of water and consume at least 3 varieties of fruits/vegetables daily. Users are advised to walk for 30 minutes (approximately 3000 steps) a day, while avoiding any form of strenuous activity throughout the 5 days.

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USANA 5-Day RESET Program


Nutrimeal Dutch Chocolate

Nutrimeal is a rich meal replacement shake which allows users to feel fuller for a longer time while fully benefiting from the low glycaemic index and gluten-free components, which will result in smaller fluctuations in blood sugar levels while reducing craving for carbohydrate. Each serving comes with 8 grams of dietary fiber, 15 grams of soy, whey and other sources of proteins. RM132/packet.
  • Low-glycaemic-index food
  • Low in saturated fat
  • 8g of dietary fiber
  • 15g of protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Uses only natural flavors and sweeteners

Fibergy Plus

Fibergy Plus facilitates good digestion, heart health maintenance, bowel regularity, and colon toxins removal.
Failure for the colon to function properly will result in the recycling of wastes within the body, which is why it is important that they are properly and thoroughly discarded from our systems. This high-fiber diet helps users in achieving a healthier digestive system and in consuming the recommended amount of daily fiber intake. RM121/packet.
  • Flavorless fibre blend (added to juice/Nutrimeal)
  • Low-calorie
  • 10-12g of dietary fiber per serving
  • Gluten, dairy, and soy free
  • Natural ingredients


The supplement contains grape-seed extract and Vitamin C. Grape seeds are rich in Vitamin E, linoleic acid, and are powerful antioxidants against free radicals from the sun. Together with Vitamin C, it acts as a heart protector, free-radical fighters, healing agent, blood vessel and anti-aging boosters, while providing protection against harmful pollution. Proflavanol-C100 protects users against UV-induced oxidative stress to achieve healthier and more appealing skin. RM184/bottle.

About Chantel Liew

Chantel Liew is an award winning health nutritionist and business builder. She took a leap from the familiar by joining Usana after her first child. After 7 years in the business, she is a Diamond Director, mentoring and coaching many female leaders to succeed. She believes that network marketing makes it possible to have it all, a happy family, joyful marriage and time for the kids. Find out more about her at


USANA was a public listed company in USA founded by immunologist and microbiologist Myron Wentz. USANA products encompass three product lines: USANA Nutritionals (Essentials, Optimizers, and Digestion/Detox nutritional supplements), USANA Diet & Energy (RESET meal replacement shakes, and Sensé personal care (skin care, skin treatment) that market in 20 countries.

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