13 Must-Try Food in Teluk Intan

popular food in teluk intan
13 Must-Try Food in Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan (Diamond Bay) is a quiet rudimentary town located in the Perak state of Malaysia. What it lacks in entertainment, it makes up for in food - making it the perfect destination for a day trip out of the city for food enthusiasts. Particularly famous for its Chinese cuisines, this town makes a great alternative to Melaka and Penang.

13 Must-Try Food in Teluk Intan

Chee Cheong Fun

Believed to be a perennial favorite among both locals and visitors alike, the one-of-a-kind Teluk Intan chee cheong fan can only be found in this town. Though substandard versions can be found scattered around Kuala Lumpur, nothing can really come close to this dish of dried shrimps, jicama and fragrant fried shallots delightfully wrapped in rice noodle rolls topped with pickled green chili.

Where to eat?
Liew Kee (Ah Lek) Chee Cheong Fun

what to eat in teluk intan
Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun
Source: The Malay Mail Online

Nasi Kandar

In the olden days, street hawkers sold rice and curry filled in two large separate buckets which were balanced on each end of a pole carried on the shoulders - hence the name Nasi Kandar ("balanced rice"). It is a simple dish of steamed rice served with a variety of curries and side dishes that can be eaten anytime of the day!

Where to eat?
Nasi Kandar Krishnan, Speedy Food Court, Gulam Rasul

famous restaurants in teluk intan
Nasi Kandar Krishnan
Nasi Kandar Krishnan

Seafood Dishes

A town of Chinese majority, Teluk Intan boasts a great selection of Chinese cuisine, particularly for its seafood dishes. Enjoy anything from shark meat to mantis prawn best cooked in kung pao (宫堡), kam heong (金香), or sweet-and-sour style.

Where to eat?
Poh Loong, Tai Choong, Sechuan, Chi Foo

teluk intan famous food
Teluk Intan Chinese seafood dishes

Mee Rebus

Translated as "boiled noodles", this noodle dish is comprised of  yellow egg noodles and generous serving of sweet-spicy gravy. Typically topped with green chili, green onion, fried shallots, hard boiled egg, bean sprouts, and a fresh squeeze of lime.

Where to eat? Mastan Ghani, Kedai Kopi Ah Wah


Having served delicious rojak (Malaysian/Indonesian-style salad) for more than five decades, Rojak Ah Chai is a must-try for those visiting Teluk Intan. It is a combination of cuttlefish, prawn fritters, kangkung (water convolvulus), cucumber, pineapple, turnip and a sweet homemade sauce.

Where to eat? Rojak Ah Chai

what to eat in teluk intan
Rojak Ah Chai
Source: ed.low


The soup of the laksa here is light, diluted, simple, yet surprisingly addictive thanks to the tasty addition of sour tamarind. A good choice for those eating between meals.

Where to eat? Coliseum, Makcik Kiah Laksa

popular food in teluk intan
Laksa Teluk Intan

Wooi Fun

A simply delicious dish of hot steamed rice topped with savory seafood, meat, and egg gravy, wooi fun is a rice variation of the famous Cantonese-style wat tan hor (flat noodle in egg gravy)

Where to eat? Hawker stalls, restaurants

what to eat in teluk intan
Teluk Intan Wooi Fun
Source: tofoodwithlove

Lou Shu Fun

Known as silver needle noodle or rat noodle, lou shu fun is a type of Chinese rice noodle that can be eaten fried, dry, or in soup accompanied by slices of fish cakes or minced meat.
Where to eat? Pasar street for breakfast

Bak Kut Teh

A dish of meat (typically pork) cooked in a fragrant herbal broth prepared mainly using dong quai, cinnamon, and star anise.
Where to eat? Ah chai Bah kut teh @ Tmn Ros

Har Mee

A popular Malaysian hawker dish, Har Mee is prepared using noodles, fresh whole prawns, sliced meat, and sambal in a light yet full-flavored broth.
Where to eat? Glutton Square

famous restaurants in teluk intan
Source: masak-masak

Curry Mee

Also known as curry laksa, this steamy bowl of noodle in spicy curry is delicious even when eaten on hot, sunny days.

Where to eat? Kedai Kopi Ah Wah, 338 Curry Noodles

teluk intan famous food
Source: eatingasia

Cold Dessert

Ximilu (sago in coconut milk) and ice-blended desserts are a hit in this town, mainly because the weather is always scorching hot. Best eaten after lunch.

Where to eat?  DO RE MI and ABC in Glutton Square, Hawaii Jalan Sekolah

what to eat in teluk intan

Chinese Pastries

Teluk Intan is famous for its Heong Peng and Tau Sar Pneah. This does not come as a surprise as the entire town is dominated by family-run enterprises which confectioneries are sold all across the country.
Where to eat?
Sin Joo Heong (Tiger), Ta Sin Guan Tin (Butterfly), Sin Guan Hoe and SGT.

Forget Penang and Melaka. Teluk Intan is where you should be heading for a truly unforgettable food trip in Malaysia.

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How to Travel Alone as an Asian

asian traveling alone
How to Travel Alone as an Asian

My skin color has not worked against me in terms of how I am perceived during my travels outside of Asia. Nevertheless, I would be in denial if I say that racism is nonexistent for those traveling beyond their own countries, especially for Asians.

For this reason, the fear of traveling alone is common among people of color. They are afraid of being looked down on or are isolated by travelers staying in the same vicinity. In order to make your trip as memorable and as delightful as possible as a solo Asian traveler, simply follow the following steps:

How to Travel Alone as an Asian

Know when to blend, and when not to

Sure, making news friends is always exciting, but overdoing it might make you look suspicious or even desperate. Travelers generally prefer associating themselves with people similar to them (birds of a feather flock together!), so if you are really in need of a travel companion, consider someone originating from the same region as you are. This makes clicking easier, and being able to have more common interests makes communication a breeze.

English is key

I have met many Asian travelers who refused to speak English - with the excuse being they too embarrassed they cannot speak it well. If white people are willing to take the effort to pick up Mandarin - a language completely new and foreign to them, then what would your excuse as an ESL-learner be to not speak English when you are needed to? Thicken up that skin and put your knowledge of the language to use!

It is a common misconception among us that every European speaks English. My visit to the Parisian suburb was a rather challenging one because the locals spoke only French. Most of the time, we resorted to using sign language for anything beyond basic phrases!

Avoid developing an inferiority complex

No, Asians are never a worse breed.
No, white people are not any more entitled than we are.
Cast away any racial stereotype that has been made known to you and understand that everyone is created equal. As long as you are a tourist contributing financially to another country's GDP, then the sky is the limit for what you wish to do during your visit.

Courtesy is crucial

Respect and courtesy are two critical culture values among Asians, and the practice of these values should be carried on during your travels. What you would not do in your country, should not be carried out in someone else's country, too. This vaguely includes spitting, constant yelling, and causing unnecessary trouble to others.

Standard Safety Measures Apply

It goes without saying that the practice of common safety measures is crucial, regardless of your skin color. This includes being aware of your surroundings at all time and the securing of important travel documents. No one gets mugged because they are Asian, but only because they are too careless.

Travel and have fun!
Most of the fears that are holding you back from traveling alone exist only in your head. Discard those thoughts and do what you love doing the most without reservation - to travel!

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funny asian jokes
How to Travel Alone as an Asian

Bell & Ross Partners Renault Sport F1 Team in Malaysia

In celebration of the partnering of French luxury timepiece brand Bell & Ross with the Renault Sport Formula One Team, a limited edition collection of timepieces are being exhibited in a Pop-up Store in Suria KLCC. From September 1-30, timepiece enthusiasts can feast their eyes on an extravagant showcase of core collection watches, including pieces unveiled at the BaselWorld 2016.

Limited Edition BRX1 RS16

The BRX1 RS16 watches are the highlights of the show, which are named after the new Renault's R.S. 16 race car for the 2016 Formula One season. Both the BRX1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph and BRX1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillion are armored, robust, ingenious, and high technical - created to withstand extreme conditions. Light yet immensely strong, they are each created using grade 5 titanium and Carbone Forgé - a highly sophisticated composite material made up of molded compressed carbon fibers and thermosetting resin.

Only 250 and 20 pieces of the respective timepieces are available worldwide.

BRX1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph
Only 250 pieces of the limited edition BRX1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph (right) and 20 pieces of the BRX1 RS16 Skeleton Chronograph Tourbillion (left) are available worldwide

Kevin Magnussen Meet & Greet

As part of the campaign, there will be a Meet & Greet session featuring Kevin Magnussen - Renault Sport Formula One Team driver on September 28 at 5pm to be held at the same venue. Fans attending the event can stand a chance to win an autographed Bell & Ross merchandise and a pair of Athletic Propulsion Labs Classic kicks. For more information, follow Bell & Ross Instagram and Facebook page.

Renault Sport Formula One
Kevin Magnussen (left) and Jolyon Palmer (right) - Renault Sport Formula One Team drivers

Bell & Ross Malaysia
Lot 3.46.00, Level 3, No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Top Things to do in Sarajevo

what to do in sarajevo
Top Things to do in Sarajevo

While traveling in Bosnia and Herzegovina last summer, it was only a matter of course to make a stop in Sarajevo, the country's capital.

Sarajevo is a city rich in history and religious diversity. It was where the Western and Eastern Roman Empire split, and it was also where several cultures amicably integrated. Dense and vibrant, this small city with a population of around 400,000 is a significant region where Catholicism, Islam, Orthodoxy, and Judaism has coexisted for centuries.

Ranked as one of the safest city in South Eastern Europe, Sarajevo is a pleasure to visit thanks to its friendly locals and low crime rate. This cosmopolitan capital is home to many Bosniaks, Croations, and Serbians. Travelers can benefit from the exchange rates as the country is still using the Convertible Marka (BAM).

Top Things to do in Sarajevo

Take a Stroll through Baščaršija

Strolling through the streets and marketplace of the old town of Baščaršija (bash-char-she-yah) gave me instant memories of Istanbul, where the ambience is a blissful assortment of eastern and western elements. Being the major attraction of Sarajevo, it houses several historical buildings such as the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque (one of the most representative Ottoman buildings in the country) and Sahat-kula (Sarajevo Clock Tower).

Top Things to do in Sarajevo
Streets of Baščaršija - Sarajevo Old Town

Visit the Tunnel Museum

Tunel Spasa is an underground tunnel constructed during the Siege of Sarajevo that took place during the Bosnian War. It linked the neighborhoods of Dobrinja and Butmir which had allowed food, humanitarian aids, and weaponry to be transported into the city after it was being entirely cut off by the Serbian forces.

Due to the lack of skilled manpower, the tunnel had to be dug by hand 24 hours a day with each shift lasting up to 8 hours. In return, workers were paid with one packet of cigarettes daily - a highly demanded item and a prized battering possession at that time. The construction was completed on 30 June 1993 since its commencement on 1 March 1993.

Look out for the Sarajevo Rose

Considered the most unique feature of the city, Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar caused by the explosion of mortar shells which created a fragmentation pattern almost similar to that of rose petals. Explosion marks have been filled with red resin throughout the city to mark the spots where actual deaths caused by mortar explosions took place.

The number of Sarajevo Roses are gradually decreasing as the asphalt is being replaced. When you see one, stop for a minute to honor the casualties of war.

what to do in sarajevo
Sarajevo Rose
Image source: oggitomic

Head up to Žuta Tabija

Located on Jekovac Cliff, Žuta Tabija or the Yellow Bastion was built in the 18th century that was a part of the defensive wall for Vratnik to defend the city from attacks. It was also where a Ramadan cannon shoots to mark the beginning of Iftar. Today, it offers both locals and travelers a fantastic view of city and it remains as one of Sarajevo’s most popular vantage points.

Admire Sarajevo from Above

There are many vantage points in Sarajevo that are just a short climb away, including:
  • Žuta Tabija (Yellow Bastion)
  • Bijela Tabija (White Bastion)
  • Kovači
  • Zmajevac
  • Vidikovac, Mt. Trebević
  • Osmice
  • Zlatište
  • Hum Forest Park

top attractions in sarajevo
The walk to Žuta Tabija

avaz twist tower sarajevo
Breathtaking view from Žuta Tabija with Avaz Twist Tower and Hum Tower in the distance.

Learn More About the Balkan History

For travelers with little or no knowledge of the Bosnian War, the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Historijski Muzej BiH) is an excellent place to start. The museum contains more than 300,000 exhibits which allow visitors to learn about the unfortunate bloodshed that took place in the city.

Indulge in the Best Bosnian Food

Read more about the must-try local Bosnian food here.

Take a Stroll through the Sleepy Neighborhoods of Sarajevo

The streets of Sarajevo are perfect for quiet evening strolls. With a map and a pair of reliable walking shoes, spending a few hours walking through the neighborhoods away from the city center has proven to be a delightful experience.

Top Things to do in Sarajevo
Take a stroll through the sleepy neighborhoods of Sarajevo

See the Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovači

The Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovači was built in honor of the victims of the Siege of Sarajevo, which was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare that lasted for almost four years, with a total of 13,952 fatalities including 5,434 civilians.

top attractions in sarajevo
The Martyrs' Memorial Cemetery Kovači

Visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral

Katedrala Srca Isusova is the largest cathedral in Bosnia and Herzegovina located in the old town district. The Catholic church is built in a Neo-Gothic style with elements of Romanesque Revival. Although it suffered damages during the Siege of Sarajevo, it has been repaired ever since. It is widely regarded as the symbol of the city.

Katedrala Srca Isusova
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo

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Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara

best cafes in kota damansara
Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara

The brew-it-yourself coffees at Cafe Studio were the highlight of my visit here.

With a dedicated kitchen in the balcony and a spacious studio-cum-lounge, Cafe Studio offers patrons a unique dining experience as they are able to sit back and brew their own coffee while feasting their eyes on the collection of artworks and sculptures displayed extensively within.

good cafes in damansara
Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara
Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara
best place for coffee in petaling jaya
Artistic items for the home on sale at Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara

Brew-It-Yourself Coffees at Cafe Studio

The choices of handcraft coffees that are available at Cafe Studio are delightfully comprehensive. Curious patrons and coffee enthusiasts can request for hands-on lessons from the friendly baristas for an exciting coffee-brewing experience. Handcraft coffees include:
  1. Irish Coffee (RM16.50)
  2. Siphon Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)
  3. Kinto/Slow-drip Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)
  4. Balancing Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)
  5. French Press Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)

handcrafted coffee malaysia
Balancing Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)

handcrafted coffee malaysia
Siphon Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)

Kinto/Slow-drip Coffee
handcrafted coffee malaysia
Kinto/Slow-drip Coffee (RM25 for 2 servings)

handcrafted coffee malaysia
Irish Coffee (RM16.50)

Food & Drinks Menu at Cafe Studio

Salads and sandwiches
Although limited, the selection of food at Cafe Studio are a refreshing combination of wholesomeness and good taste. There are 9 types of sandwiches and 9 types of salads to choose from, with many unique dressings to go with, including:

Fused-Mayo Dressing
Wasabi Mayo, Teriyaki, Pesto, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island, Spicy Seaweed, Mint Cream, Asian Spice Curry, Orange Mayo, Roasted Sesame, Lavender, Honey Lemon Mayo, Lemongrass, Matcha Green Tea, Rose, Blackcurrant.

Oil Dressing
Honey Lemon Vinaigrette, Orange Vinaigrette, Sour Plum Vinaigrette, Apple Vinaigrette, Blackcurrant Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Mocktails, teas and coffees
Besides handcrafted coffee, patrons can luxuriate in Cafe Studio's signature fresh hot tea,coffee and 12 types of mocktails.

Cafe Studio, The Strand Kota Damansara
Crab Stick Salad

cafe studio price menu
Cafe Studio Combo Sandwich (9 different fillings)

cafe studio price menu
12 different mocktails to choose from

fresh hot tea
Fresh hot tea

best place for coffee in petaling jaya
Black & White (Creme Brulee)

best cafes in kota damansara
Black & White, Cold Cappuccino

cafe studio price menu

Cafe Studio
424-1&46-1 Jalan PJU 5/20d, The Strand Kota Damansara (above Vendville)
Facebook | 016-528 6612
Opening hours: 10am-10pm (weekdays), 10am-11pm (weekends)