New Zealand's Miraka Expands to Malaysia

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New Zealand's Miraka Expands to Malaysia
New Zealand's Miraka Expands to Malaysia

Miraka is the first Maori majority-owned dairy processor in New Zealand’s dairy-processing industry, with 80% of its shareholders comprising of whanau trusts and corporations. The company name is a giveaway of what it does: it's Maori for "milk".

Miraka kicked off its operations in Malaysia this year by partaking in the ongoing Taste New Zealand Food Fair. The congregation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to officially introduce the new dairy product line in the country.

The brand places a heavy emphasis on environment protection. To stay true to its vision of ‘nurturing the world’, it has integrated several sustainability principles into its business model. Taking its role as the kaitiaki or guardians of the environment seriously, Miraka strives to leave a minimal impact on the world through continuous efforts such as processing its biological by-products through vermiculture within the valley, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases, and irrigating water extracted from the milk onto adjoining farms. This makes Miraka a preferred brand for consumers looking to buy products with a low carbon footprint. Its milk is sourced from 100 local farms around its factory in New Zealand to ensure farm-fresh quality. Located in Mokai, its production utilizes sustainable and renewable geothermal energy through cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Miraka's offerings include: Consumer powders, ingredient powders and UHT products.

Maori & Malay

Here's a fun fact: Linguists believe that the Malay and Maori language have a common origin, both belonging in the category of ‘Austronesian Languages’. Below are some examples:


This is definitely useful for those planning to experience the Maori culture in the future!

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New Zealand's Miraka Expands to Malaysia
New Zealand's Miraka Expands to Malaysia
Kingi Smiler, Chairman of Miraka Dairies, greeting Founder of Storiiu, Brian Tan traditionally with a hongi

Miraka products will officially be launched in Malaysia in August 2017.
For more information on Miraka, visit their website.


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