Marquee Lounge Kuala Lumpur, BB Park

If anyone mentions anything about dining at BB Park, just be sure to tag along even if you are uninvited because all the restaurants there are recognized for their good food and great ambiance. BB Park provides an environment perfect for social dining!

So a friend of mine, Joey, was invited by Vibehero for a food tasting session at Marquee Lounge and she was nice enough to ask me along (which was great since I am a sucker for good food and social events)

Why do I think that you would like Marquee Lounge as much as I do?

They serve alcohol

They have comfy couches all over their premise

They have a dance floor and they play the right music at the right time.

Need I say more? ;)

&Like every other recent bars and lounges that are open for business around KL/PJ, Marquee Lounge serves food from noon till late evening, specializing in local and western dishes.

Here are the jewels in the crown:

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins &Avomela Salad

The stuffed potato skin has got me wishing that God had created potatoes in bigger sizes. The sweetness from the BBQ chicken and coleslaw go awesomely well with the potato.

The salad is a combination of lettuce, avocado, walnuts and... apple! I believe this is an Italian dish (citation needed, lol). The combination is very interesting (at least it is for me), and it tasted good especially when all the ingredients are generously immersed in tangerine dressing with a hint of vinaigrette.

Nasi Lemak

Initially, I thought this was Nasi Kerabu due to the choice of side dishes and the color of the rice. Marquee claimed that they serve western and local favorites with a twist, and they are indeed living it up to their claims. Instead of the traditional oily groundnuts, they have replaced them with cleaner, skinless peanuts. The cucumbers are vertically sliced, the sambal is placed separately (convenient for those who can't tolerate spiciness) and the curry chicken is served on a petal of bunga kantan. On top of that, it also comes with kangkung/water spinach.

Hmm... Now that I started analyzing the little details of this dish, I have come to realize how creative the cook is lol.

Sarawak Laksa

If there is one thing that I could remember about this dish, it would be how much the Europeans loved it. Unlike Melaka, Johor or Penang laksa, the Sarawakian laksa is made using vermicelli noodles. Instead of having clear, reddish soup, the gravy is thick and creamy, lavishly infused with coconut milk. Comes with sambal.

Imagine curry mee minus the chilies.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

The gravy is actually braised tomato sauce topped with carrots and peas. A special fusion of chinese and western recipes.

Mystery Box Burger

Thick and juicy chicken patty served with lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Tommy Gun Burger

It's weird they'd call this a burger since the beef patty is placed on a french toast. This creative dish is covered with creamy mushrooms and brown gravy.

Pizza Marinara and Pizza Diavola

The former is plentifully bestrewn with prawn, squid and mussels while the latter with beef salami and chilies. Personally, the crust is too thin for me. Tasted a lot more like tortilla, but the toppings are delectable nevertheless.

An Italian dish with chicken fillet, red bell peppers and peas with light tomato sauce.

This place is perfect for parties/catching up. Be there after 10pm to enjoy the music and to dance! Read more about Marquee Lounge here.

Location: GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 7 Jalan 1/77, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You could imagine the weight I've gained and how stuffed I was at the end of the day. I guess the idea of a food-tasting session is just to taste the food but sometimes being resistant when faced with all these delicious food is really just impossible.

With some of the pretty ladies

Had a great time meeting the vibrant and charismastic Vibehero team.

Find out more about the up-and-coming Vibehero and see how they can help you simplify your future decisions here.


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