It is such a pity that the locals are not eminently fond of the restaurants in Bukit Bintang (I blame it on the lack of parking spaces and the over-prioritizing of foreigners over the locals around this area). Hence, this is what this post is all about - changing your perception. What better way but to tempt you with pictures of the tantalizing dishes from d'Spice? ;)

D'Spice is yet another exceptional multi-cusine restaurant-cum-bar located in BB Park serving Western, Malaysian and Middle Eastern food.

This place is perfect for those of you who love alfresco dining. Jig and jive to the live music and be entertained with local dances from across the restaurant

Cocktails to kick-start the food-tasting session:

Green Star
A mixture of Bacardi, pineapple juice, midori and mint leaves. This is the house favorite!

Frozen Margarita (or how I'd always refer it to as alcoholic ice shave)
A concoction of tequila and Triple-Sec. I think it's a little too light

I highly recommend Sangria (a concoction of rum, orange juice, red wine, sprite, and sliced fruits). Gets you instantly rejuvenated and refreshed without having to get tipsy lol


Shrimp Salad
The shrimps were grilled to perfection and I love how juicy they were every time I took a bite

Smoked Salmon Salad
Similar salad greens and dressing but a different kind of delectability

Mix Canapés
Canapés are crackers topped with savory ingredients served as appetizers and they are to be eaten in one bite. D'Spice is obviously very generous with the portion of its servings because despite looking like a retard trying to shove one of these cute little delicious canapé into my mouth, it would not fit lol -_-

Toppings: Smoked salmon, cheese &ham, tuna &caviar, and poached prawns.

Dressing and dips!

Alexander likes it ;)

Main courses:

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang

This local favorite needs no introduction. The chicken rendang was really tasty. Would have been perfect if the anchovies were fresher ;)

Lamb Shank with Biryani Rice
The meat was tender and delicious and I love the pickled vege gravy to bits!

Organic Rib Eye Steak
This has gotta be my favorite dish for the night. It was so good that it deserves an elaborate explanation:

This dish was a masterpiece! I love how the broccoli and cauliflower were placed beneath the steak. It was also my first time having deep fried enokitake. And the mashed potato topped with spinach puree? It was divine. God bless d'Spice! :P

I love how they always have stand-by additional sauces and dressings.

A steak is not a steak without Tabascoooooo

I was so immersed in the steak that when the next dish was brought to our table, I completely forgot the ways to take proper pictures lol. Gee. (The next two pictures do no justice to how appealing the dish really was)

Australian Waghu Beef Ribs
The ribs were very well-seasoned and all the other bloggers claimed that the fries were awesome. I did not even realize there were fries on the plate until I browse through the pictures on my camera. Well at least now I know where those fries went lol (I shall return for this)

Chili Bilis Pizza
(They were obviously not kidding when they said that they serve fusion cuisines)
So between the pizza and the cheese was a layer of sambal ikan bilis. Now that is a very unique fusion. The bread was really soft and the cheese was chewy.



Chocolate brownies
Desserts were average but they sure were very decorative ;)

A perfect meal at d'Spice, in my opinion, would consist of organic rib-eye steak and 3 glasses of Sangria. With servings that generous, you might have to give up on the desserts lol

1. Dine alfresco. The ambiance is awesome
2. The servings are huge so eat responsibly lol
3. Park at Low Yatt. RM5 flat rate (probably the cheapest here)

Joey &I
(Remind me not to take pictures with any one of these bloggers anymore because they all have skin as white and smooth as snow and there I was, looking like a burnt duck -_-)

Joey &her beau

Joey &Pandora

(Note to Joey: It looks as though this blog is yours hahahaha)

Beautiful people!

D'Spice is definitely a great place to hang out in with a bunch of friends. I've had a great time! :)

Read more reviews about d'Spice here and give d'Spice a like on their FB page!

BB002, Ground Floor, BB Park,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

ps. Thank you d'Spice and Vibehero for keeping my camera for me. I tend to lose my stuffs on a monthly basis and you guys have just broken the streak for me. THANK YOU!
pps. Special thanks to the owner of d'Spice for checking up if I've gotten my camera back. Very much appreciated! :)