Namaste, beheno aur bhaiyo!

This is a review on Trishna Authentic North Indian Cuisine Restaurant which is located strategically at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur (A more distinguished landmark: Changkat Bukit Bintang)

Blogging makes me happy, but blogging about North Indian food boosts my happiness to a whole new level. Here's why:

(photo credit: CHOW)

Trishna goes by the motto "Spice, rice &everything nice at a reasonable price," and they are indeed living it up to their claims. They have done a great job in diversifying and assorting their food menu to not just North Indian cuisines, but they cater for the needs of Pakistanis, Nepalis, as well as vegetarians.

The interior decorations in any North Indian restaurant are sometimes the most influential and crucial factor when it comes to deciding if it is the crème de la crème and the finest in town, and Trishna definitely ace it.

The combination and concordant blends of all the colors makes up a dazzling and divine ambiance.

Ample space yet not a breadth overlooked on details. An environment perfect for social functions and gatherings.

At Trishna, you can literally find everything under one roof - they have something for everyone! For example...

Something for the drinkers

Something for the smokers

(a designated indoor smoking area so you do not need to climb the flights of stairs especially with that much masalas and goodness in your stomach)

Something for the clubbers

Something for the music lovers

And plenty of couches for those who can't stand or walk after an intensively satiating meal. ;)

Who needs to go to the bars at Changkat when you have Trishna? :)

Ajwain Fish for starter

Fish tikka perfectly marinated with caroom seeds and a whole lot of other spices which I can't pronounce. The meat is so tender and every bite is orgasmic. This has gotta be my favorite dish!

Well I wouldn't think salad is an appropriate name for this. YOU THINK it's just plain sliced vegetables but they're all infused with flavorsome seasonings. Never thought raw vegetables could taste this good lol

Dal Makhani
This heavenly Punjabi dal is so good, I wished it was served as soup instead hehe :)

Bagan Aloo

Also known as eggplant &potato curry, this makes the perfect dish for those who are not fond of vegetables, because it's too tasty!

Butter chicken

Okay I admit this is a pretty useless picture since all you could see is the gravy lol but close your eyes and imagine this: You ignore the presence of everyone else sitting around the table and grab the ladle which comes with the dish. You scoop a spoonful of gravy with a few tiny pieces of chicken and bring it near your mouth. You gave it a quick sniff - instant waves of warm vapour and a tingling sensation surge through your nose. You take in the spoonful of food, and savor the buttery, flavorful and masala-permeated gravy and meat all at once. Ahhhh....

Yeap, that was more or less how I experienced it ;)

Mutton Rogan Josh a.k.a. the star of the night

The owner of the restaurant stressed a lot on this dish. The lesson learned: If the boss claims that it is his signature dish, then just order it! This famous Kashmiri dish has been many of my friends' (of Pakistan and Indian origins) favorite and now I got to see why. It is amazing how a dish can achieve such exquisiteness in taste. It is a plate of masala goodness!

Saag Paneer

The gravy is a blend of leaves (spinach etc) and those white cubes are cheese. The cheese is so condensed that it tasted like meat. A true cheat meal for vegetarians! :P

And obviously, what's Indian food without naan or rice? Our tables were generously filled with these delicious and crispy naans!

Mix vegetable pickles.
So sour, it goes right up to your head, but it goes really well with the rest of the food.

And here comes the dish I was waiting for the entire night:

Gulab Jamun! (Save the best for last, they say)

Gulab Jamun is my kind of comfort food. Deep fried balls of dough soaked in thick syrup sauce. I wished they had almond flakes on them but it was delicious nevertheless. The perfect dessert to end your meal!

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And if it is not too late, Deepavali nal valthuka macha and machi! Slow down on the muruku and lassi! :)