1. Currency exchange

During my stay on the island, I couldn't help but to notice that there was only one money changer running in a yellow booth in Ton Sai, and the rates were, well, pretty shitty. There are plenty of ATMs around, but if you are the kind to skimp, then do not expect anything more than a decent rate.

My advice?   Sock away with Thai bahts enough to last you throughout your time on the island before heading there.

2. Party island

Ko Phi Phi is unfortunately (or   fortunately, depending on the purpose of your travel) a haven for party animals. If you are staying along the beach at Lo Dalum (which is teeming with backpackers hostels and dorms), then brace yourself because the deafening music will not stop until it's four in the morning.

My advice?   Getting wasted and to party all night long is not everyone's definition of travel. For a languid stay, head to one of those bungalows in Long Beach instead.

Pictures of bungalows at Long Beach

3. Washrooms

I was at Slinky Beach Bar when I had one too many drinks and there wasn't anything that I needed more than having to use a washroom. You can probably imagine how outraged I was when two men stopped me right at the entrance to the washrooms and demanded for 10 baht.

My advice?   Keep some change with you. You'll never know when you'll need them the most.

4. Sea

There is no denying that the water is crystal clear and that it is ideal for snorkeling. To reach to a water level deep enough for a pleasant swim, however, will require that you take at least a three minutes walk into the sea. Otherwise, it's just your feet taking in all the pleasure.

My advice?   Well, walk. (Is there really an alternative?) Just be careful not to step on the corals. I did, and I came back with three bleeding toes.

Have fun getting there, mates.

The Long Beach is... long. Here's Part I.

5. Ko Phi Phi or Ibiza?

Turns out, you will not even be able to tell the difference.

Everything on this island has been adapted to the needs of Westerners, so much so that most restaurants, bars and hotels are designed and named that way. Do not be surprised to see Westerners serving you drinks/food here. They are either broke backpackers, or just some lovely people who are too madly in love with the island to leave it.

Breakfast at Cunt House? Sounds great! (I swear that wasn't me)

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