I finally witnessed for myself Asia’s most notorious city.

Throughout the flight, I couldn’t help but to picture Bangkok the way The Hangover has portrayed it to be – treacherous and very chaotic. Being the world’s top tourist destination, there is no way that it should be sidelined in anyone’s travel list, however dangerous it is claimed to be.

My First Trip to Bangkok

Love it or hate it, people just can’t stop themselves from traveling to this fast-paced cosmopolitan city. Moderation is hardly the word used to describe its people and the activities here. Instead, extremity and intensity are all that fuel the city.

Majestic temples of infinite sizes, immeasurable glistening lights stretched along the streets, ceaseless surge of traffic that brims the freeway, adept drivers vigorously maneuvering their tuk tuks through the crowd – this city provides an atmosphere so distinctive from the rest.

Rush hour traffic

Lively and hectic, this city is a melting pot where many global citizens call home. With an escalating number of capitalists permeating the local economy, it is only a matter-of-course that luxurious high-rise office towers and residences are copiously beetling from the grounds of Bangkok. The skyline looks especially stunning when the sun is about to go down, while the lights emitted by the skyscrapers after dark gives the city all the lofty glory it deserves.

my first taste of bangkok
Night view of the famous Sukhumvit Road

what to eat in bangkok
Pampered with awesome food at a rooftop bar and restaurant

Good shisha is abundant too

This trip to Bangkok was solely for shopping and food, and although I am very tempted to upload pictures of all my hoards, that would, however, make this post a very lengthy and boring one. Ending this post with a few pictures taken throughout the trip:

bangkok thailand
"Laughing Gas" or nitrous oxide sold at Khao San Road

bangkok thailand
Wise words by Grey Hound Cafe, Siam Center

bangkok thailand
Entrance to Siam Paragon

bangkok thailand
bangkok thailand
Fried insects, anyone?

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