The annual Sepang F1 and MotoGP races are held in none other than the esteemed Sepang Circuit, located about 80km south of Kuala Lumpur. This famous Malaysian landmark has been an international limelight for more than a decade now, hence it was an honor to be able to see the circuit and all its facilities to the fullest extent.

Picture taken from the iconic Hibiscus Tower

The purpose of this tour is so that the public would be informed that the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is not just built for auto racing. Instead, it houses some of the most spectacular amenities that could accommodate anything from weddings to concerts. Whatever the occasion may be, SIC will have a solution, be it for motorsport or non-motorsport activities.

The pleasant day started off with a brief introduction of the circuit, before the bloggers were being brought to the paddock for an unforgettable experience.


And as though that wasn't exciting enough, the organizers had also arranged for us to...

...Go on a track tour!

We were briefed on each corner, hairpin and hander of the track. We also got to see the exact location where the unfortunate accident which killed Italian motorcycle racer Marco Simoncelli took place.

Luck was definitely on our side that particular day as the bloggers were able to witness the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race. It is indeed very interesting to observe the procedures taken by both the participating teams and SIC in managing the race.

Marshall, technicians, mechanics and spectators were all gathered during the formation lap before the big race

Safety car driver being cheeky

 Took a selfie with Tengku Djan Ley, Malaysia's best professional drift racer

 Once the race had started, we were brought to the Perdana Suite

The Perdana Suite is usually reserved for royalties and VVIPs and is located in the Pit Building. It offers the best view of the race and can accommodate up to 150 guests. This noteworthy space can be booked for private functions such as receptions, parties, meetings, private screenings of exclusive products such as watches or jeweleries, rooftop events or conferences.

 Walked in and was greeted by attendants and readily graced tables. Definitely felt like a VVIP

Awesome view from above

Food were great and so were the companions. It was definitely a very unique dining experience - al fresco, perfected with reverberating sound emanated by the speeding cars. I personally find these combination oddly pleasing.

 Chilling in the suite after the big meal, before being guided to other parts of the building:

 Race Control Room

  Time Keeping Room

The Media Center, with 430 seats and tables equipped with individual internet cable and power option. This space can be booked and is ideal for conferences, corporate presentations, symposiums, product demonstrations, launches or even examinations.

One of the four Paddock Clubs that can be rented for various sizable functions such as conferences, exhibitions and showcases, wedding receptions, company annual dinner and galas, fundraising, trade shows, launching or even fashion shows.

National Automobile Museum, another must see spot on the premise.

Posing on a Vespa, wishing I own one

The experience was all in all a very insightful and memorable one. We were being brought on a tour which gave us the opportunity to see SIC from the inside and to understand better the mechanism of a racing circuit. I was here a few years back on a sponsored trip to both the Formula 1 and MotoGP races which were concurrent, but it was only until this tour that I got to know SIC in depth.

It was indeed eye-opening to learn of the transformation of a homegrown circuit which initial focus was only on motorsports, to its recent heightening vision of enhancing this world class circuit into not just a racing site, but also as an entertainment hub. For further details on the type of facilities available for booking and quotations, contact Sepang International Circuit with the information here.