Some wish to climb the highest mountains. Others wish to bungee jump from the tallest towers, or dive into the deepest of all seas.

Everyone seems to have a bucket list in life; I never thought I needed one until I have experienced something this amazing - flying in France!

I have brought back with me immeasurable experiences, knowledge, and new found traits from my first trip out of the country alone. I came back wiser, more self-reliant, and much more determined.
Merci, Marc. I would never have gotten to where I am today without your thoughtful and patient guidance.


My flying experience in the suburbs of Paris was exhilarating.

Flying in a commercial airplane and flying in a 4-seater aircraft are two entirely different experiences. I honestly didn't know what I was going for until the plane was about to take off from the airfield, but by then it was already too late to back out, and there was really nothing much that I could do other than to scream into the headset, helplessly.

Twenty seconds of blood-curdling acceleration down the runway and five long 'Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh's later, we were steadily cruising in the air.

What a view!

The white structure on the top was a famous castle (should have noted its name down)

The aircraft was so old school that we had to rely on a piece of map to navigate (though I am sure modern ones are available too)

The experience was amazing. Got the chance to fly twice using two different routes while I was there. Cannot wait to go back for more!

Enjoy the video! :)