Ready-made breakfast is just what's needed on busy mornings

Attending the New Zealand Dessert Showcase has shed some lights on how meals can actually be made out of packaged food. I was so keen on trying it out myself once I got home, upon realizing that it is effortless to prepare gratifying snacks that are both appealing and delicious.

I've decided to melt a few pieces of Whittaker's peppermint chocolate in a double boiler to complement the tandums.

If you have never heard of tandums, don't worry - it's Marcel's new invention and it's a world's first. It is basically two pieces of light, fluffy pancakes sandwiching a sweet and delicious flavored mascarpone filling (imagine Dorayaki)

The result of this combination?

A delicious plate of goodness!

Finished with fresh strawberries!

This plate of beautiful, Instagram-ready treat can be prepared in under just 5 minutes! Buy your favorite products from Cold Storage/Jaya Grocer now and start impressing your guests!