Sunset at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort, Sabah

sunset bar sabah

Sunset at Tanjung Aru

Ask any local what is the best thing to do in Kota Kinabalu and they will definitely suggest that you catch the sunset at the much publicized Shangri-La's Sunset Bar located at the Tanjung Aru beach. Resort is open to non-hotel guests too.

Located just 6 kilometers from the city, this beach obtained its name from the Casuarinas or Aru trees which skirt the powdery sands of the shore. Popular for the breathtaking view it offers of the sunset, Tanjung Aru remains a favorite for both locals and foreigners alike.

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East Malaysia is the home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, making up for whatever that is lacking in its western counterpart. A stroll along the lake will instantly leave you rejuvenated. Mother nature is the best healer there is :)

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Dinner overlooking the beach

Dining at Coco-Joe's Bar & Grill was a bliss. We are seated right on the beach on an elevated platform, with an unobstructed view of the South China sea. Savory pizza coupled with a few glasses of wine; My evening couldn't have been anymore perfect.

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sunset bar sabah
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Took one last stroll before leaving for the airport

Hours before getting to this resort, my purse, along with my ID card, credit card, and cash was stolen from my shared hotel room. When I arrived at the airport, I was told that my flight got delayed for two hours.

I suppose life is just going to keep making it hell for you, but it is entirely up to you how you choose to react to such hitches. Me? I chose to solve my problems instead of crying over them, and that is probably why I always achieve my goals in the end. And so should you!


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