Exploring Roluos on a Bicycle

villages in cambodia
Children of Rolous

Roluos is a small Cambodian village located about 20 minutes away from Siem Reap via National Highway  6. After hours of researching, I've made up my mind that Roluos was worth a visit. Thankfully, it was.

There are probably other means of getting there, but this time around I've decided to hire a private driver and guide instead to save time (I only had two days left in Cambodia so I did not want to waste another second on sluggish public transport). I also figured that having a guide is necessary since people living outside of the town cannot speak English.

The journey was pleasant and quick. Shortly after a very deep and engaging conversation with the guide about the politics and the poverty of the country, we have arrived at our destination. We paid a short visit to Wat Bakong, one of the more famous temples in the region, before moving on to the village.

what to see in cambodia
Cycling home after schooling hours

Being here made me feel like a curious 10-year old again. Everything was new and foreign to me, and I had so many questions to ask.

children in cambodia

Children are everywhere. Playing, walking home from school in their slightly soiled white uniforms, helping their parents out with chores, or just silently lurking in the corners. They all have beautiful brown tanned skin, which matches their big inquisitive eyes and sweet smiles perfectly.

It is hardly possible to walk past the children here without stopping to appreciate their beauty.

cycling in cambodia
Exploring the village of Roluos on a bicycle

The roads are paved with red mud, and big trucks occasionally go through here to transport goods. Other times, there would just be bicycles, motorbikes, and unswerving pedestrians braving the long walk under the scorching sun.

things to do in cambodia

"I love you! I love you!" the kids shouted, perhaps more enthusiastically than any of my previous boyfriends ever did.

what to see in cambodia
top attractions in cambodia

Played with a piggy!

what to see in cambodia

Getting a trim from dad

what to see in cambodia

Look at those kids! Could hardly take my eyes off them!

roluos cambodia
roluos cambodia
roluos cambodia
roluos cambodia

There is also a market along the way:

markets in siem reap
markets in siem reap
markets in cambodia
markets in cambodia

what to see in cambodia

Bean snacks

Palm sugar - the "Cambodian chocolate" that might give you three cavities

Manpower of two people and an elementary machine for the production of more than 1500 bricks a day. We should all be ashamed.

This is where the bricks are left to burn and harden overnight 

And are left under the sun to dry further for days.

Ending the tour with the freshest coconut water and tastiest flesh.

Got some time left from your Siem Reap trip? Why not go on a Roluos tour? It's a great opportunity to learn more about the local culture and way of living!


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