Siem Reap may seem like it is only worth stopping over for a few days of temple-hopping but it surprisingly has so much more to offer than just ancient Khmer temples. Below are a list of the things that you can do while in Siem Reap aside from visiting the temples, in order to make the most out of your trip:

1. Visit Street No. 8

Better known as Pub Street, this stretch of bars, restaurants, and clubs is where travelers mingle or just to sit back to enjoy a bottle of Angkor beer after spending the entire day visiting temples under the scorching sun.


2. Go for a day trip to the floating village

There are many floating villages that you can visit while in Siem Reap considering its proximity to the Tonlé Sap lake. The three most popular ones are Kampung Phluk, Kampung Khleang, and Chong Kneas.

Pictures taken at Roluos village

3. See the countryside on a horse

There are many ways in which you can appreciate a country, and horseback riding is one of them. Depending on your level of skills and experience, the guide will decide how fast you should go, and if you need someone to walk alongside you while you are on the horse.

I've had a great time galloping on the field!

4. Try the tuk-tuk

Cambodian tuk-tuks are different from those of Thailand. These are carts being pulled by motorcycles hence maneuvering them take more effort and skills, and a lot of fun to ride on!

5. Discover hidden gems

Traveling is all about being adventurous. Take the back alleys while wandering around the town and have your courage rewarded with mouth-watering food and an awesome view. (Every facet of the buildings here has a business running in it, so do not worry about not being able to find food)

Had the best local dinner here with a touch of modernity and a cozy ambiance.

6. Try the exotic food

From BBQ snake to stir-fry crocodile à la Khmer, Siem Reap has it all. You just need to be brave enough to try them. Prices start from $8 for a plate of rice with your meat of choice.

So I tried crocodile meat. Tasted very much like chicken, really.

7. Massages and beauty treatments

I am never one who spends on massages and facials but such services are offered at an exceedingly low price here so I was very tempted to give it a try. After a one-hour session of nerve-settling Khmer massage and a complimentary facial, I found myself completely addicted and soon, I began to visit a massage parlor at every chance that I got. Prices start from $4 per hour.

Those must be some really gifted fishes.

8. Take a nap on a hammock

Hammocks are everywhere here so why not just get onto one and fall asleep? (No one would mind!)

Picture taken in Kampung Khleang

9. Talk to a kid

Contrary to everything that you have read on travel forums and blogs, the children in Cambodia are actually some of the most innocent and contented kids you will ever come across. They don't want your money, unless they are being pressured by their parents to go out to beg. All that they want is just some attention and love - something that we can easily spare some time to offer.

10. Explore the town on a bicycle

Go on the national highway. Have breakfast on the other side of town. Go food-hunting and don't stop until you have finally found something that is nothing like what you have eaten before, and have all that done using a bicycle. The experience could come with a little risks, but it's very exciting nonetheless.

The further away you are from town, the better and cheaper the food gets!