It still feels unreal.

It was only a month ago when I've made the decision to quit my job to finally fulfill my dream to travel full-time. Although sitting behind a desk nine hours a day is not my idea of an ideal life, I know it is necessary in order for me to afford the posh apartment that I am living in, as well as to pay the bills. Hence, I tried to travel at least once a month despite having a day job, taking a few days off here and there to satisfy my wanderlust.

I had everything that everyone wanted - good job, good education, good life, good friends, and the best family in the world. Was I happy? No.

I wanted to be set free. I wanted to live life without restrictions. I wanted to traverse borders and experience different cultures. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to love.

shenzhen nightlife

I wanted some ecstasies in life (or x-ta-sea, if it's too difficult to spell)

Things escalated rather quickly.

First, I had to bid a bittersweet farewell to my awesome bosses and colleagues.
Next, I had the hardest time parting ways with Sunnie, the bunny which I've loved and cared for eminently since he was a baby.
Then came the farewell parties, late night drinking and conversations in the company of good friends.
After that was vacating the condominium, packing while reminiscing about all the things that have taken place there - both the good and the bad.
Lastly, I had to watch my mum cry at 3 in the morning while she sent me off to the airport.

The pursuit of happiness requires sacrifices. A lot of them.

Mummy, thank you for selflessly showering me with all the love and support all these years. It broke my heart to see you cry the other night, but it will always be a reminder for me that you're the reason for what I am today. I love you so much and I promise that I will always be there for you just like how you're always there for me! :D (Don't worry mum, I am not broke and I don't need money. I am really saying this out of love)

So here I go! First stop: China.