My digestive tracts are begging for a break. My tongue is now immune to all the tastes there are in this world. My sweat glands? They have been working harder than ever.

Yes, I am in Shenzhen - one of the few places in China famous for its abundant street food.

popular chinese street food
I've always thought Thailand offers the best selection of condiments to complement its food. I was very wrong.

The Chinese love their food, and they know exactly how to prepare dishes worthy of their time and exacting palate. Ironically, the best dim sums can be found on the side of the roads, while what seemed to be the most inferior dishes are being prepared by head chefs in Michelin starred restaurants.

Whether it is street food or dishes served in the most exclusive restaurants, the Chinese has gotten all their recipes and flavors right.

I've honestly never enjoyed eating as much as I do in China.

jiaozi chinese street food
餃子. Jiaozi everywhere (Chinese dumplings)

chinese smelly toufu street food
臭豆腐 (Smelly toufu) - Fermented toufu which is supposedly smelly but its distinctive odor is what makes it so delicious

popular street food in china
包子 (Steamed buns with fillings), 馒头 (steamed buns), and other types of popular local 小吃 (light snacks) sold by the streets.

chinese flat breads with sesame and scallions
Chinese-style flat bread - effortlessly chinese-fied using generous amount of sesame and scallions, which is then cut into tiny triangles and sold by the grams.

If I am never leaving China, you should know why.

If China is already this good, I honestly can't wait to be in South Asia - where the countries are famous for their unsurpassed use of masalas and flavorings in their food. This trip is just getting better ;)