This article is on the things to do in Mongkok, Kowloon

It was Saturday.
I was dutifully dropped off in Kowloon by one of the airport shuttle bus. I've concluded that Kowloon has the most local elements that are worth seeing, considering my brief stay in Hong Kong. It was a decision well made.

Neon-bathed streets of Mongkok

Weekend congestion at Nathan Road

People Watching

The best way to get to know a new place is to people watch, and Mongkok offers a stirring experience when it comes to that. There are people on every street, alley, and corner, and since most of them are locals, you'd be able to get to know the people and their etiquette in no time.

Elderly men playing Chinese checkers on the side of a crowded street, because why not?


Street Performances

Street performances these days are hardly restricted to just singing and dancing. People are getting increasingly imaginative and bold, and so are the variations in their performances. Expect to see teenage boys juggling with footballs, older men preaching, smashing of wooden planks or glass bottles with unprotected body parts by citizens of any age and background, and many other unusual and eye-opening acts. It would have been enjoyable if the amount of tourists was cut down to half. Otherwise it's just an unbearable nuisance having to walk through the uncontrolled crowd.

Nevertheless, it would be a complete waste to not experience any of these when in Hong Kong. Head on to Sai Yeung Choi Street to have your mind blown.

Entertainers performing at the littlest space they could find

This basically took up two-thirds of entire street, causing a crazy and unnecessary obstruction


Ladies, good news! Mongkok is a haven for beauty-related products that are keenly priced and it would be wasteful to go home empty-handed. Regret walking past a shop without getting the mascara you really wanted? Fret not, because there are twenty more of the same shop 100 meters ahead of you.

The famous Ladies Market

Street Food

Unfortunately, the street food here aren't cheap, contradicting the way they ought to be (cheap, inexpensive, low-priced, and cheap). I would suggest heading over to the nearest Cha Chan Teng (tea-house/cafe) for a nice, hot bowl of Wonton noodles or duck rice instead (and a glass of HK milk tea, of course)

Hong Kong "street food"

This definitely looks more inviting

Sure, Hong Kong is a prominent and greatly-developed city. However, it is more of a destination for tourists than it is for travelers. Don't think I'll be heading back anytime soon!