This is an article about The Nest Underground, Petaling Jaya

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The Nest Underground, the latest vape cafe and lounge in Petaling Jaya

The vaping trend has surpassed that of cafes and boat noodles in the recent months in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, and I doubt that it will stop anytime soon. Vape cafes and lounges are opening at a rapid rate and new flavors of vape liquids (juices) are being introduced every other week. The Nest Underground is the latest addition to this industry, and it comes with a setting and ambiance that the Malaysians would love.

Luckily for me, I was able to visit the cafe before the crowd starts coming in:

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Inside the Nest Underground: A mini cinema!

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Inside the Nest Underground: The chill-out section
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Comprehensive selection of juices, devices, and accessories

New to vaping? This is the perfect place to go to!

Since I am pretty new to vaping, I needed someone to guide me through the selection, refilling and other post-purchase processes. Fortunately, Eric the shop attendant was there to patiently show my friend and I the proper steps in setting up the device, which I think was really helpful.

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Eric guiding my friend through the setup

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Jeffri and Zac, a.k.a the big bosses. Say hi if you ever see them there!

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Screw squarish tanks - pick something that stands out :P

Café Clon

Foodies can revel in the food and drinks prepared by Café Clon located on the ground floor (place your order, pay at the counter, and have the baristas send the food down). Here's a sneak peak of what we had:

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Vietnamese Pizza - imagine otak-otak wrapped in rice paper.

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Seafood Tom Yam Carbonara. Generous portion of seafood!

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Yummy juices

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Complimentary sago dessert - available until Malaysia day only!

  • Closing time is 10pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends as of now, but it will soon be extended.
  • Cigars are sold here, and shisha will be next to be introduced to the Nest Underground. Long story short, this place is a haven for smokers of all kinds ;)

How to get to Café Clon

Enter "" on your waze search bar,
or follow this address:
62, Jalan Kemajuan 12/18, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Kaching, PJS 12)

How to get to the Nest Underground

Enter the café, and you will see a glass door on your right. Take the stairs down and you're there!