Summer days are over, but memories of the days spent in Sweden are still fresh in my mind. It has barely been a month since I lounged in the parks, closing my eyes as I revel in the gentle caresses of the mild Swedish breeze against my skin. There was something exceedingly captivating about the sky, which had a shade so blue and delightful that had brought me immense joy by just looking at it.

It was a weekend, and my dearest cousin Louise suggested a road trip. With road trips come long, carefree countryside strolls, sightseeing and curious peeks, and quick stop at cafes for good cups of coffee. There was pure bliss in all things. Luck was on my side as I was also there just in time for Högbodagen.

Högbodagen, or Högbo Day is a one-day festival where Högbobruk showcases all its best produce to the community. Items put on sale include vegetables, soft cheeses, freshly-baked bread loaves, processed meat, organic products, crafts, ceramics, and many others. Friendly vendors from all walks of life set up sufficing booths where preloved items and precious belongings are thoughtfully and methodically displayed, in hopes of having them sold. Further across the field was a space set up for a rabbit hopping tournament. At the back, there are food trucks, sweet aromas from meat on grills, and unvarnished wooden tables and benches carelessly scattered around.

Högbodagen flea market
Högbo Day rabbit tournament

Kolbulle was definitely the highlight of the event. The stall was armed with a troop of brawny men dressed uniformly in black, and the cooking was carried out in the open space. Kolbulle is a thick pancake containing diced, smoked pork. Made only out of flour, water, salt, and pork, this old Scandinavian dish is cooked directly on a pan over open fire. The idea behind the simplicity in ingredients and preparation method lies in the origin of the dish. Loggers and other manual laborers who lived under primitive conditions did not have the means to store raw food such as milk and eggs, and hence, created a recipe that is both feasible and delicious using only four main ingredients.

Preparation of Kolbulle over open fire

Eaten with lingonberry jam, because the Swedish love their food savory and sweet.

The last thirty minutes was spent at the animal park. Alpacas. Rabbits. Goats. Sheeps. Ducks. Chickens. It is just wonderful how animals have these magical abilities to put smiles on the faces of both children and adults.

Missing Sweden and my cousin. Hope to be back soon.

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