This is an article about Jumbo Stay Hostel, Arlanda Stockholm

You need to spend a night at Jumbo Hostel when you land in Stockholm. It’s really cool!

I gladly obliged, knowing that my cousin would only recommend the best places as she’s an avid globetrotter herself.

I arrived at 10pm from Vilnius and I wanted to spend the night at a nearby hotel so catching a train from Stockholm Central Station early next morning would be a breeze. It almost felt like I was destined to spend a night here. Though the decision was rather pricey, the overall experience was fantastic.

Jumbo Stay Stockholm
Jumbo Stay Hostel, Arlanda Stockholm

Jumbo Stay Hostel, Arlanda

Jumbo Stay is a one-of-a kind hostel which provides a 27-room lodging within a real aircraft. The retired Boeing 457 jumbo jet, also a former Pam-Am plane is located just 65 feet away from the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden.

Visitors have a few options to choose from – rooms or dorms which accommodate one to four adults, or the cockpit which has been transformed into a luxury suite with a panoramic view of the airport. Shower and toilet facilities are clean and plenty, while each room comes with a flat screen TV. Open and staffed around the clock, Jumbo Stay is perfect for those arriving late at night. Food and beverages are sold at the reception (at a much higher price), while breakfast buffet starts at three o’clock in the morning. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the aircraft.

Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda Stockholm
Common area/cafe

Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda Stockholm
Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda Stockholm
Jumbo Stay Hostel room price
F&B sold on-board

Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda Stockholm
The aisle/entrance to the rooms

Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda Stockholm
Escape plan. Sorry, there isn't a demonstration by the stewardess

Jumbo hostel sweden reviews
Jumbo Stay Hostel, Arlanda Stockholm
Spanking clean washrooms

How to Get to Jumbo Stay Hostel Arlanda

Exit the airport terminal and walk to Bus Stop No. 3. The yellow ALFA shuttle bus is free of charge and it runs four times every hour from 0400 to 2400. The journey to Jumbo Stay takes about 6 minutes.

In my opinion, Jumbo Stay is a must-see, but it is only good for a one-night stay only. While there are shuttle buses available, there isn't anything to see or do within short walking distance from the hostel. Room rates are also pretty steep, costing up to €51.72 for one bed in a 4-person dorm. (I stayed in a €63.22 two-bed room because cheaper options were booked out).

Booking ahead is highly advisable.

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