This is an article about the popular souks in Dubai

There are two ways of shopping in Dubai: You can either splurge in the world's best shopping malls, or you can bargain your way through the traditional Dubai markets, which are more commonly known as souks.

where to shop in dubai
Dubai plays an important role in international trades thanks to its strategic position

dubai traditional markets
Sikkat al-Khail Rd - the center of all the major souks in Dubai

There are many souks in Dubai selling similar items with similar prices, and they are set apart only by location and size. These souks are especially popular among tourists from the Gulf (you know, those who are actually there to shop) while others, like myself, are only there because they are on the attraction list.

Below is a list of the most popular souks in Dubai and how you can get there:

Popular Souks in Dubai

Gold Souk

The gold souks in Dubai are globally acclaimed. Taking a walk through one of these souks will give your senses a rather pleasing stroke (even if it means going home empty-handed). Rows after rows of narrow alleys are lined with shops selling innumerable grades of golds and precious ornaments, and the sight of the twinkles and sparkles from the display window will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Psst. It is said that there are approximately 10 tons of gold sold at any given time in this souk.

How to get to Gold Souk
There are three options:
i.   By bus: 10-minute walk from the Deira bus station
ii.  By train: Stop at Al Ghubaiba Metro Station
iii. By boat: Hop onto an abra from Bur Dubai across the creek

dubai traditional markets
Gold Souk in Deira. The Perfume Souk is also located here.

popular souks in dubai
Diamonds. Gold. Diamonds on gold.

Spice Souk

Food in the Middle East is smothered in colorful, fragrant spices. Located just across the Gold Souk in Deira, tourists can find fresh spices conveniently packed in pouches, ready for them to take home.

popular souks in dubai
Spice Souk in Dubai

You can find almost any kind of spice here, from cinnamon to cardamon, saffron to sumac. Stocks are constantly replenished by freight from neighboring countries such as India, Pakistan, and Iran. Immerse yourself in the exotic aromas while watching the locals bargaining persistently, as friendly vendors showcase their best possessions.

where to shop in dubai
Kitchenware of all kinds and materials are also sold here

Textile Souk

Lose yourself in the cascade of hues and textures in Bur Dubai’s textile souk located just across the creek. The choices of fabric here is literally limitless, and tourists are welcome to haggle. Find cashmere, cotton, silk, wool, satin, and many other types of fabrics sold in modest stone buildings under wooden roofs.

Visiting the souks in Dubai definitely felt similar to my Siem Reap temple-hopping experience when I was traveling in Cambodia. If you are up for it, here's an almost complete list of the souks you can go to when in Dubai!

List of Popular Souks in Dubai:

  • Deira Gold Souk, Sikkat al-Khali Street
  • Perfume Souk, Sikkat al-Khali Street
  • Electronic Souk, Al-Sabkha Road
  • Deira Covered Souk Al-Sabkha Road
  •  Deira Old Souk or Spice Souk, 67 Street
  • Dubai Souk, Bur Dubai
  • Gold and Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Burj Dubai
  • Blue Souk, Sharjah
  • Souk Al Arsah, Sharjah
  • New Souk, Khor Fakkan

 Happy shopping!

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