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Yangshuo Beer Fish 啤酒鱼

One does not travel to Yangshuo without giving its Beer Fish a try.

As suggested by its name, the two main ingredients in this dish are beer and fish. Grown carps caught from the Li River will only be selected, gutted and cleaned upon order to ensure utmost freshness.

The preparation of the dish is tedious but is surely worth the effort. Fish is first fried in camellia oil to achieve a slightly crusty texture on the outside. It is then braised in a superior beer brewed locally in the province of Guangxi, before being served with a generous portion of colorful jardinière, including diced tomatoes, pepper, coriander, spring onions, and so on.

More about Yangshuo Beer Fish:

The dish is served and eaten with its scales. I was initially surprised to see that my fish was not scaled, but my Chinese cook claimed that it has been so perfectly braised that the scales have become soft and tender, and it would be a waste (or an insult) to not eat them. The scales are also thought to be the most unique feature to this dish.

Chosen carps usually weigh above one kilogram and they must be caught from the Li River because according to the locals, it is so that the fish would taste the best. Fish from the Li River is also believed to be one-of-a-kind in the world because they have lived a life of contentment in the clear water surrounded by beautiful green hills and karst. (Yes, the Chinese can sometimes be overly philosophical)

Yangshuo Beer Fish 啤酒鱼
Beautiful Li River surrounded by karst after the rain

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