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The Beauty of Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Guilin has so much more to offer than just streaming rivers and oddly warped karsts. It often takes tourists by surprise with its impressive assortment of local delicacies, notably the Guilin Rice Noodle.

Guilin Rice Noodle or Guilin Mifen is a noodle dish extensively consumed in Guilin, a picturesque city in northeast Guangxi. It is plenty and cheap, tasty, and loaded with delectable flavors.

A street food and family meal since the establishment of the Qin Dynasty 2000 years ago, it has survived the test of time to reign as the most popular dish in Guilin and its neighboring cities. It can be consumed as breakfast, dinner, or lunch, and offers the ultimate culinary satisfaction thanks to the large variety of toppings and accompanying condiments.

what to eat in guilin
Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Guilin Rice Noodle 桂林米粉

This is a dish loved by practically everyone – from playful toddlers to manual laborers – and can easily be found on any street in Guilin. The white strips of rice noodles are soft and smooth with different thickness and forms. Made using rice flour starch, they are either round or flat, and are served in a plain, mild broth which has been slow-boiled for hours with cinnamon sticks, ginger slices, meat and tangerine peels.
The most unique feature of this dish lays in the interesting choices of toppings, which include sour bamboo shoots, pickled green beans, roasted peanuts, pickled soy beans, pickled cabbage, scallions, coriander leaves, dry toasted chili flakes, pickled white radish, served alongside slices of meat, typically pork or beef.

Since there isn't a standard recipe for the beloved Guilin Rice Noodles, the taste varies in every shop. This makes it an adventure of its own, hopping from shop to shop to find one most appealing to your taste buds!

Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉
what to eat in guilin
Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉

Guilin Mifen 桂林米粉
Guilin Rice Noodles toppings

Fresh and pickled vegetables are served in generous portions on a table at the corner of the shop, and diners are free to add whatever they want. Every type of topping contributes a distinctive texture and flavor to the dish, so it is highly recommended that you put in a little (or a lot) of everything.

Typically sold in three sizes: small, medium and large (一两;二两;三两)

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