Cocott TTDI Kuala Lumpur French Restaurant

Tucked away in a quiet corner in TTDI is Cocott' - a neighbourhood bistro that serves popular French fares with a refreshing modern twist.

Everything at Cocott' is made for sharing as its way of bringing people together over meals and conversations in a blissfully relaxed setting. Located on the first floor of a luxury condo, it offers patrons the much-needed seclusion for a temporary escape from the bustling city. As far as ingredient sourcing is concerned, the chefs go to great lengths to select only the freshest local produce for a dash of Malaysian essence in all its hearty dishes.

Cocott TTDI Kuala Lumpur French Restaurant

Cocott' takes much pride in its food presentation. As its name would suggest, each dish is tastefully presented in cocottes - a cookware made of cast-iron that has long been used in the French kitchens.

cocott kuala lumpur
Cocott' at The Greens, TTDI
cocott ttdi menu price
french restaurant malaysia
Cocott' at The Greens, TTDI

I enjoyed the warm welcome and gracious hospitality extended to me by Cocott' founder and manager Rui-Yang Monico and his crew during the entire time that I was there. Rui-Yang, a half-French, half-Chinese who has spent most of his time in Asia, was unhesitant and eager in addressing any question or in suggesting the best bottle of wine to complement a meal. He insisted that the signature homemade bread is an obligatory order here, which immediately reminded me of the time I spent in Paris where I had bread accompanying almost every meal I had.

french restaurant kuala lumpur
Cocott' Homemade Bread (RM4)

The menu at Cocott' is kept short and sweet, but it includes every quintessential dish that you would want to try at a French restaurant. Rui-Yang had my dinner planned out for the night which included several of his best recommendations:

french restaurant damansara
Cocott' TTDI menu

cheap french restaurant malaysia
Potato Mousse (RM22)
Confit baby potatoes + cheese

cocott kuala lumpur
Pan-seared Foie Gras (RM42)
with green salad, roasted apple & pomegranate

french restaurant kuala lumpur
Rice Pilaf (RM11)
flavored with onion, garlic, thyme & chicken broth

cocott ttdi menu price
Beer Bourguignon (RM39)
traditional stew cooked in red wine

cocott at the greens, ttdi
Blowtorched Cured Mackerel (RM24)
with cucumber & shallots

french restaurant petaling jaya
Confit of Lamb Shoulder (RM38)
with eggplant & fresh herbs caviar

The pan-seared foie gras is decidedly my favourite dish that night, as I find the combination of different flavours (it's generously topped with fruit chunks) surprisingly delightful. The creamy Potato Mousse is also something that I'd definitely go back for.

If macaron is the only French thing you know, then you should definitely head to Cocott' for an "educational" meal this weekend. Rui-Yang and executive chef Geoffroi will be more than glad to help you out with the selection!

Contact Information

Address: 1-1 Greens Terrace, Jalan Wan Kadir 3, TTDI

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