Want to give rock climbing a try but have no idea where to begin? Follow this guide to find out exactly where you can learn rock climbing in Selangor, Malaysia.

Rock Climbing in Malaysia
Rock Climbing in Selangor, Malaysia

While there are several rock climbing destinations in Malaysia, Gua Damai is the most accessible and convenient site to get to. Located just 15 kilometers away from the capital, it offers 120 bolted routes catering to both beginners and advanced climbers.

gua damai extreme park
Gua Damai Extreme Park is the most popular rock climbing destination in Malaysia.

My first guided outdoor rock climbing experience in Malaysia was made possible thanks to Eddie from MIR Adventures. Eddie is an established guide with his name plastered all over Tripadvisor. He is all that a guide should be - patient, supportive and funny, even when dealing with despairing beginners like myself. 

The course started at 8.30am and ended slightly after noon, but the duration varies depending on the pace of the climbers. We were put into a team of about 10 people, which consisted of guides, beginners and first-time climbers. When we arrived at Gua Damai Extreme Park, we spotted Eddie suspended high above the ground, fixing bolted ropes that would later be used by the climbers to ascend the rocky wall.

gua damai rock climbing
Each climber was provided with climbing harness, helmet and shoes.

batu caves rock climbing
Eddie from MIR Adventures demonstrating a few basic climbing techniques before our skills were put to test.

Every climber was supported by a trusty and experienced belayer, whose job was to ensure that the climber does not fall too far by exerting tension on the rope from the ground. The belayers from MIR Adventures also acted as cheerleaders, motivational "screamers" as well as navigators who tell you exactly which pinches to grip on or which gap to stick your foot in.

malaysia rock climbing destinations
Muscular endurance and high upper-body strength is vital for climbing.

popular rock climbing sites in malaysia
Rock climbing is great to train focus and problem solving skills.

I've had a fantastic experience climbing with Eddie at Gua Damai. Unlike my bouldering experience in France, rock-climbing is a lot more challenging as it requires me to climb higher and stay constantly focused. By realizing that a single wrong step could potentially lead to a fall, I got to train myself both mentally and physically to be adept and competent.

Can't wait for the next adventure!

Interested in trying out rock climbing for yourself? I highly recommend Eddie from MIR Adventures! You can learn more about the half-day beginner crash course here and here.

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