While many tourists are familiar with the world-renowned Langkawi, Perlis - a state located just 30 miles from the island - is often overlooked. As Malaysia's most northern state that borders Thailand's Satun province, this smallest state in the country has a lot more to offer beyond just delicious food, traditional morning markets and the majestic limestone hills and caves, such as the historical Gua Kelam which is rich with mining histories and artifacts. Have extra time on hand? Why not visit one of the state's most iconic mosque that is built on the sea?

    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis: Floating Mosque of Perlis

    There are several must-see attractions in Perlis, such as the incredibly beautiful Al Hussain Mosque that will surely charm both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Dubbed as one of the most beautiful mosque in Malaysia, Masjid Al Hussain makes up for what it lacks in size with the most amazing unobstructed view of the Strait of Malacca.

    mosques in Perlis
    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis: Floating Mosque of Perlis
    Beautiful Mosques in Malaysia
    The majestic Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis

    Top Attraction in Perlis

    Built next to the Kuala Perlis Jetty, the structure extends over the sea that has helped it to earn the nickname of a floating mosque. When the tide is at its highest, the mosque appears to be drifting over the sea and this view - accompanied with the setting sun, makes the experience extra memorable and magical.

    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis is one of the greatest spots in Perlis to admire the sunset. The unique colour combination of the sky form an enchanting and rather dramatic backdrop for the mosque, while the mellow sea breeze makes the stay worthwhile and delightful. Don't forget to whip out your camera to capture the sweetest shots to bring home!

    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis, Perlis
    The breathtaking sunset at Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis
    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis
    Beautiful, unobstructed view of the Strait of Malacca at Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis

    Architecture of Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis

    One of the greatest feature of Masjid Al Hussain is its walls - instead of being painted, it is exquisitely adorned with the most beautiful selection of marble, pebbles, quartz and granite. The uniquely tactile and textured surface enhances the delicate lines on its grand gold-and-blue dome, which is constructed using aluminium and protective Polyvinylidene Diffluoride (PVDF). The mosque also takes pride in its twin minarets which are the world's first hexagonal minarets.

    As the sun sets, the building comes alive and is illuminated with outdoor lights with each colour representing the different prayer times of the day. As Perlis is still relatively undeveloped compared to other states in Malaysia, you will find birds and insects such as dragonflies roaming freely around the compound. The peaceful environment allows you to feel calm and humbled as you immerse in the heavenly positive energy.

    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis
    Soak up the amazing and calming energy at Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis 

    How to Get to Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis

    As there is no direct flight to Perlis, you can hop onto a plane and land at one of the nearest airport either in Alor Setar or Langkawi.

    If you are coming by car, take the North-South (PLUS) Highway and make your way to the Changlun- Kuala Perlis highway to arrive at Kuala Perlis - the second-largest town in Perlis. Alternatively, take the ETS train from KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur and get off at Arau.

    Masjid Al Hussain Kuala Perlis

    Lot 5392, Persiaran Putra Timur, 02000 Kuala Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia
    Contact number: +604-985 5000, +6011-3545 1301

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    Don't forget to visit the distinctive Masjid Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail during your trip to Perlis too!