Can't wait to take your first trip in 2021 with AirAsia? Here are a few important reminders and tips to help you prepare for the journey the hassle free way - from the airport all the way to your destination!

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    AirAsia COVID-19 Travel Tips
    AirAsia COVID-19 Travel Tips & Requirement

    AirAsia's COVID-19 Travel Tips & Requirement

    New AirAsia Flight Requirement

    In the past year, AirAsia has spent its downtime productively by revamping its processes and procedures for both its staff and customers. One of the biggest changes is to accept only fully vaccinated passengers onboard all its flights, as well as allowing only fully vaccinated staff on flights as well as airport terminals. Other important changes are as follow:

    • Only fully vaccinated travelers are allowed on AirAsia flights. Please also ensure that you have passed the vaccination maturity period of two weeks.

    • You must be classified as 'Low Risk" or "Casual Contact with No Symptoms" to be allowed on AirAsia flights.

    • Perform a COVID-19 self-test before the flight to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.

    • It is mandatory to check in via the AirAsia super app for your flights, which can be done as early as 14 days prior to departure.

    • You are required to scan or upload your vaccination records during the in-app check-in process for real-time verification.

    • Counter check-ins are only open to guests with mobility issues or those traveling with infants under the age of 2 years. A fee will apply for other guests who did not perform a self check-in online.

    • You are encouraged to arrive at the airport as early as 4 hours before your flight to ensure you have enough time to go through all the necessary and new processes.

    • Face masks are mandatory before, during and after the flight. Masks with open valves are not permitted on AirAsia flights. Instead, opt for 3-ply masks or for extra protection, double-masking is encouraged.

    klia2 online check in counter
    It is mandatory to check in via the AirAsia super app prior to your departure as counter services are now only limited to certain groups of people, such as those with disability.
    klia airport self test
    In the past, travelers were required to show a proof of a negative test result or take a self-test at the airport prior to their departure. This requirement has since been removed after the interstate ban was lifted in mid October 2021.

    Travel Tips for a Safe & Smooth Journey

    • Ensure that your MySejahtera app is updated and your status is refreshed.

    • Make full use of the contactless kiosks at the airports when printing your baggage tags in order for self-drop. You can pre-book your online up to 4 hours before your flight which will also give you more savings. After checking in, you can simply scan the QR code on your e-boarding pass to print the baggage tag at any check-in kiosks before proceeding to drop off.

    • For your safety, boarding and disembarkation is staggered, beginning with guests seated at the very back of the plane, followed by mid area and the front area.

    • Contactless payment is made available at all AirAsia service counters in the airport. This enables you to use e-wallet, credit or debit cards, or online banking when transacting.

    • Wi-Fi is available onboard your flight where you can browse everything digitally from menu to magazine. Entertainment is also available via your electronic gadgets once connected to the Wi-Fi, as well as an online version of AirAsia's duty free catalogue.

    • By installing the AirAsia super app, you will be able to do everything from self check-in to confirming a hotel booking. You also get to enjoy the best travel deals for maximum savings with just a few clicks! Download now by clicking here.

    COVID-19 Aircrafts Disinfection
    AirAsia aircrafts are sanitised and deep-cleaned for two hours

    AirAsia is Rated 7-Star For COVID-19 Safety Measures

    Besides making sure that its crew and personnel are fully vaccinated, AirAsia continuously strives to keep its passengers safe throughout their journey:

    Uses High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) Filters 

    The powerful filters remove 99.99% of dust particles and other airborne contaminants including bacteria and viruses from the cabin air. This is refreshed every 3 minutes to ensure that the passengers onboard are breathing the clean, high quality air!

    Deep-Cleaning on Every Aircraft

    AirAsia aircrafts are sanitised and cleaned after every journey and during every night stop. The deep-cleaning process takes approximately 2 hours, following the instructions from health authorities. Before each flight, the aircrafts are also sprayed with aerosol disinfectants.

    Hygienic Inflight Meals

    Remember to pre-book your meals as the choices of meals available during the flight are limited due to strict hygiene standards.

    airasia HEPA filters
    HEPA filters are installed in AirAsia aircrafts to remove 99.99% of dust particles and other airborne contaminants for the highest level of safety.

    To all our readers, stay safe and happy traveling!