Guinness Malaysia St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness is bringing fans together to celebrate their lucky charms and have a good time by using the dedicated Guinness St. Patrick's anthem on social media to win exciting merchandises. Let's make it "Our Day to Remember" with the Guinness St. Patrick's Celebration this year!

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Guinness Malaysia St. Patrick’s Day

Our Day to Remember

Guinness Malaysia is returning with a month-long celebration for fans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The highly anticipated "Our Day to Remember" St. Patrick's Day in 2023 is all about bringing Malaysians together to share amazing moments with their loved ones - their lucky charms - as they remember the good times with Guinness. From now through the end of March, the brand will host a series of activations at participating bars and pubs, featuring a variety of activities, games, and freebies for all to enjoy.

Guinness Malaysia St. Patrick’s Day
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness Malaysia this year!

Guinness St. Patrick's Anthem

This year, Guinness hopes to amplify the celebrations by releasing the first-ever Guinness St. Patrick's anthem. Fans can freely use the music to immortalise their memories in the form of a reel or movie, which they can then publish on their social media channels. All they have to do is choose up to eight images of themselves with their lucky charms, and turn them into a reel or movie.

Guinness is rewarding fans who will be taking a journey down memory lane with the Guinness St. Patrick's anthem to kick off the festive holiday. The more people who sing the song, the more rewards will be unlocked. Guinness will give away three prizes for every 30 uses of the song; and 30 prizes will be unlocked for every 300 uses. When 3,000 fans is reached, 300 users will be eligible for the prizes. Unique Guinness mugs, as well as the Guinness festive St. Patrick's caps, are available for purchase.

Guinness Malaysia St. Patrick’s Day
Make it “Our Day to Remember” with the Guinness St. Patrick’s Celebration
Guinness Malaysia St. Patrick’s Day
For every 30 uses of the St. Patrick's anthem, three prizes will be unlocked!

If you'd like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Guinness, you can do so with your lucky charms at your favourite pubs and bars. Simply check out the complete list of participating pubs and bars at

Contact Information

For more information about this exciting event, visit, as well as Guinness Malaysia's social media profiles at and Guinness and all related promotions and events are exclusively available to non-Muslims aged 21 and over. Guinness Malaysia promotes safe drinking and encourages customers not to drink and drive.

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