Airasia Superapp & Foodpanda Partnership

Airasia Superapp and Foodpanda's innovative partnership is poised to transform travel and dining. With Airasia's ride-hailing now on the Foodpanda app, users can effortlessly explore their destination, while Foodpanda's vast network of over 100,000 merchants and thousands of delivery partners drives Airasia Superapp's food delivery. The partnership also unlocks potential for additional collaborations, such as payment solutions, loyalty programmes, and subscription plans. Airasia Superapp and Foodpanda are your all-in-one solution for smooth travel and dining experiences.

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At the partnership announcement, Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Capital A, Jakob Angele, the CEO of Foodpanda, and other management members from both Airasia Superapp and Foodpanda were present.

Airasia Superapp & Foodpanda Partnership

Airasia Ride-Hailing Now on Foodpanda

With Airasia Superapp's ride-hailing service, Airasia Ride, now available on the Foodpanda app, you can easily get around and explore your destination. And when it's time to refuel, Foodpanda, the largest on-demand food and grocery delivery service in Asia outside China, will power the travel superapp's food delivery service, connecting you to an extensive network of more than 100,000 merchants and thousands of delivery partners.

Airasia Superapp's food offerings will now move towards a dine-in model, thanks to this exciting partnership. Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, is thrilled about the positive synergy between the two platforms, stating, "We are laser-focused on fulfilling our travel superapp vision, and we are glad to have found a strong delivery partner as we move on to a dine-in model for our food business. This platform partnership will enable us to leverage each other's strengths: foodpanda's food and grocery delivery prowess and our ride-hailing services backed by a complete travel superapp ecosystem, both of which are necessities for travelers and everyday users of both apps alike."

BigPay & Airasia Rewards

Payment solutions via BigPay, joint loyalty programs with Airasia Rewards, possible subscription plans, and much more are all on the horizon.

Jakob Angele, CEO of foodpanda, is equally excited about this partnership, stating, "The opportunity to bring together two of Malaysia's biggest household brands is a special one for us; we've both built great services that Malaysian customers have grown to rely on and love, so this is a natural partnership to jointly offer great value, variety, and convenience to all our customers."

One-Stop-Shop for Travel and Dining

As a regional travel superapp, Airasia Superapp is all about providing a seamless and convenient experience to users, who are primarily travelers. From flights to accommodations, rides to and from the airports and hotels, and now even culinary experiences via food delivery or dine-in reservations, Airasia Superapp and Foodpanda have got you covered.

To celebrate this landmark partnership, both Airasia Superapp and Foodpanda customers can look forward to exclusive ride-hailing and food delivery deals. So what are you waiting for? Download both the Foodpanda app and the Airasia Superapp now and get ready for the ultimate travel and dining experience!

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