"Grace, you are not spending another dime on ridiculously priced coffee just because they make your Instagram looks more... fetching," I told myself every single time after I place my order at a cafe.

And every single time, I thwarted myself.

I guess there is just no quitting a good cup of latte (with cute little hearts/leaves/ducks/dogs/fishes floating all over it. And not forgetting the prettifying effect it has on your Instagram too)

Where better to continue my caffeine-turous odyssey but at LOKL, a well-known (but rather hidden) cafe situated along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee.

LOKL has been listed as one of KL's best coffee place by many reviewers and food lovers alike, hence it isn't surprising at all why the cafe is almost never half empty although there isn't any parking bay anywhere near the cafe (the nearest parking lot being about 200 meters away)

Retrieved from loklcoffee.com
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I love the atmosphere here - quaint and traditional with a touch of fresh novelty. The space is rather confined, hence cluttered with closely-placed tables and chairs. If you are unlucky enough to be seated right beside a bunch of rowdy teens, consider moving to another table because not everyone understands the concept of a "quiet cafe to chill and to get work done."

Assorted cakes, mille crêpes, and quiche.

Exterior/smoking area

I think the cakes that I've tried were average, but the ambiance of the cafe definitely made up for it. What's more, the service is great and the waiters are helpful.

BackHome is a backpackers' hostel which is situated right beside the cafe, and according to reviews, many backpackers enjoyed their stay there. It's definitely the kind of hostel that I'd love to stay at during my travel. Hopefully they will consider expanding their business to other parts of Asia :)