10 Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia

Many have claimed that Malaysians are more passionate about food than their politics. Well, it's true. Here, food is the peacekeeper - the most effective unifying factor among the diverse multiracial communities.

Take Ramadan for example. It is a month when the Muslims fast, but once the sun sinks beneath the horizon, Malaysians come together regardless of race and culture to enjoy a scrumptious meal which very often is accompanied by laughter and cordiality.

Despite being a Muslim country, Malaysia is visibly more liberal when compared to the Middle East. I spent two weeks in Dubai and Bahrain during Ramadan, where eateries were closed (except in upper-class hotels and food courts in malls) and it was an offence to eat in public during the day.

Malaysia may not have a lot to offer to its visitors, but it is second to none when it comes to food. If you wish to join in the fun, here are the 10 most popular Ramadan food in Malaysia you must try throughout this month.

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best Ramadan Food in Malaysia
10 Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia

10 Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia

Ayam Percik

Ayam Percik is chicken grilled in aromatic spices and coconut sauce using a traditional Kelantanese recipe. The meat turns succulent and flavorful through overnight marination, and is customarily charcoal-grilled and repeatedly basted to retain its juiciness.

best ramadan bazaar in kl
Ayam Percik is a popular ramadan food in Malaysia

Putu Buluh

This is a sweet dessert dish of cylindrical-shaped steamed cake. Made of rice flour and infused with the color and fragrance from the green pandan leaves, these bite-sized cakes are filled with palm sugar and coated with freshly grated coconut. They are traditionally steamed in bamboo tubes.

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The traditional Putu Buluh or kuih putu is made using suji or rice flour


Generously spiced and stuffed with minced meat and vegetable, these thick pancakes is fried with egg and served with dal curry and syrup-pickled onions.

best ramadan bazaar in malaysia
Murtabak is a type of pan-fried bread with meaty filling

Roti John

This is an omelette sandwich dish filled with minced meat, green onion, egg, and tomato-chilli sauce, and is usually prepared using a long loaf.

best ramadan food in malaysia
Roti john is a very filling omelette sandwich


The Malaysian version of samosa is bigger and contains mostly minced meat. It has a distinctive triangular shape and the influence on its taste is more Malay than it is Indian.

Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia
Samosa is a delicious deep-fried savoury appetiser

Sate Pedal & Sate Hati

Chicken rumps and gizzards marinated in sweet sauce and grilled over charcoal - yummy!

best ramadan bazaar in kl
Sate Pedal and Sate Hati are both delicious Ramadan choices

Nasi Briyani

The Malaysian Nasi Briyani has both Indian and Malay influences. The rice is cooked until just soft and very aromatic and the meat (typically mutton or beef) is tender and falls off the bone easily.

best ramadan bazaar in pj
Nasi Biriyani is undoubtedly a Malaysian favourite

Nasi Kerabu

This distinguished Malay rice dish comes with blue rice, which is prepared using dye extracted from the petals of the butterfly-pea flowers. It is served with chicken (fried or with gravy), different types of belacan chili paste, various herbs, raw vegetables salad, fish or prawn crackers, and delicious toasted grated coconut.

nasi kerabu in malaysia
Nasi Kerabu is a type of nasi ulam, typically eaten with chicken, crispy crackers, pickles and raw salad.


This refreshing drink contains palm sugar, rice flour jelly, coconut milk, shaved ice and red beans. Also available with the addition of lip-smacking durian or glutinous rice!

cendol durian cendol pulut
Cendol is a famous iced sweet dessert that's perfect after a meal

Kuih-Muih & Sweet Desserts

Malay desserts are the best. Overly sweetened they may be, but it isn't something your tummy will not forgive you for. Here's a list to help you get started:

Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia
Jelly with beautiful filling and layers
kuih muih bazaar ramadan malaysia
Popular ramadan fares also feature sweet items
best ramadan food in malaysia
Kuih-muih comes in all shapes andd colours
best ramadan bazaar in kl
Roti Bom is a spiralled, thicker and sweetened version of Roti Canai
Most Popular Ramadan Food in Malaysia
Apam Balik is a type of thin pancake with crisp edges filled with coarse castor sugar, ground peanut, grated coconut, and creamed corn.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim readers!


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