The Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Sarawak, Malaysia

Sarawak is located on the north-western shore of Borneo, and has long been popularised as the destination for authentic culture, exhilarating adventures and its virgin nature landscape. Here, one can get a taste of the lifestyle of the indigenous communities, explore gigantic caves in the heart of the rainforest, shoot rapids on a swollen river, or simply to collect unforgettable memories in Malaysia's largest state.

From traditional experiences to modern amenities, Sarawak is a place where two worlds collide - a dazzling combination of modern savvy and age-long traditions. Here, one can experience warm hospitality unlike any other, while enjoying humble authenticity away from tourist-congested areas.

Looking for gift ideas to bring home from your trip? Here is a list of the best gifts and souvenirs from Sarawak to bring home!

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The Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Sarawak, Malaysia

The indigenous people of Sarawak have been living in the forests for centuries, conditioning them to use natural materials as building parts for everything from baskets to boats. When shopping for souvenirs here, expect to find creative handmade creations from jungle scraps and finds by talented local artisans!

Hand-woven Baskets

Baskets from Sarawak are sturdy and heavy-duty with designs that withstand the stresses of demanding use. They are made using long Bemban wands, where the strong and smooth outer layer is stripped off and plaited into baskets or even sleeping mats that will last for decades.

A well-known Borneo ethnic souvenir would be the Kadazan's Wakid. This bamboo basket is commonly used to carry vegetables, meats and other produce at wet markets. It is both beautiful and practical!

Souvenirs to buy at miri Sarawak
Hand-woven baskets sold in Sarawak

Rattan Products

Rattan, cane or 'climbing palm' is a durable cable that can be made into different furniture and usable items. Although slightly more expensive, rattan products can last through the years thanks to its hardy fibers which are capable of withstanding severe heat and cold, ideal even for outdoor use. When kept away from humidity, it is resistant to wear and tear.

Examples of rattan products include baskets (of course), floor mats, table mats, wall hangings, and bracelets.

beli Ole-ole dari Sarawak
Colorful rattan products sold in Sarawak

Traditional Beads

Dive into the vibrant culture of Borneo through the rich, colourful tapestry of their traditional beads—a cherished heritage that adorns the everyday life of the locals. For centuries, the art of beadwork has been an integral facet of Borneo's identity, making intricate appearances in their customs, rituals, and wardrobes. While the styles and purposes have morphed over time, the demand for these tiny colour-speckled treasures remains as fervent as ever—resplendent in classic hues of blue, white, yellow, and the powerful black.

The beauty of these tiny adornments truly blossom in a variety of traditional crafts practiced by the Ibanese community. From the radiantly beaded collars that grace the necks of locals, to the charmingly decorated baby carriers, ornate phone pouches, and timeless necklaces—one can't help but admire the cultural richness that each piece evokes.

Bornean Textiles

The most authentic form of textile you can find here is called the bark cloth, created using the inner bast of the tekalong tree. Bark cloth is used by the Lun Bawang tribe to make colorful embroidered jackets as a ceremonial attire and occasionally, hats.

The Ibanese is known for warp ikat - a type of textile honed by generations of its women that requires dyeing and meticulous weaving. Today, the number of older women with the knowledge of preparing the dyes and countable and limited, making these elders highly respected in the local community.

contoh cenderamata dari sarawak
Textiles from Sarawak are both colorful and unique

Before leaving Sarawak, be sure to bring home with you any of the handicrafts mentioned above! Not only do they make great, unique souvenirs, your purchases will also contribute to the local community through supporting their economy.

In Sarawak, there is never a shortage of traditional, handmade handicrafts from different indigenous groups. From jewelries to baskets, you will surely find something that will remind you of the sweet memories of Borneo!

Miri Handicraft Centre in Sarawak

In the heart of Sarawak, let your journey lead you to the vibrant Miri Handicraft Centre, a treasure trove for the inquisitive traveller. Picture this: meandering through a labyrinth lined with a myriad of stalls, each showcasing an array of the finest souvenirs Sarawak has to offer. From sarongs painted with swirling, exotic motifs, to intricately woven baskets echoing tales of the land they come from; every item tells a tale, and every purchase helps to preserve a tradition.

As you navigate your way through the centre, the elusive perfect souvenir seems within your grasp. An adventure in itself, visiting the Miri Handicraft Centre is the perfect way to cap off your Sarawak journey. Designed with truly hospitable Malaysian charm, the centre smoothly links the stories of local artisans with traveller's desires in an effortless dance of culture, connection, and commerce. Immerse yourself in this comfortably inviting marketplace and let Sarawak's innate spirit echo in the keepsakes you bring home.

tempat membeli cenderamata di sarawak
Miri Handicraft Centre, Sarawak
Miri Handicraft Centre, Sarawak
Miri Handicraft Centre, Sarawak
What to Buy in Sarawak
Run by individual producers, the Miri Handicraft Centre showcases traditional ethnic crafts of Sarawak.

Contact Information

Address: Corner of Jalan Brooke and Jalan Merbau, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Opening hours: 9am – 6pm daily

Happy shopping!


  1. it's a good product, and all handmade! really want to buy it and save it for my antique collection

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  3. Cantik-cantik semua buahtangan sarawak ni, ada antaranya Sis pun ada dapat dari kawan bagi. suka bag rotan tu haaa, cantikkann..

  4. Handmade handcrafts are always special. Carefully made with love and passion. Love how vibrant the colors on those handcrafts.

  5. Cantiknya tembikar kecil tu. I dulu beli pasu dengan kayu manis masa pergi sarawak. Sampai sekarang simpan lagi sebab corak dia cantik

  6. sarawak punya hand crafted memang cantik2 tapi if pergi sarawak selalu beli ikan terubuk as a gift

  7. Even I as a Sarawakian never grow tired of looking at the colourful baskets and beads. I have the beads that my mum made hanging inside my car

  8. kraf tangan dari sarawak memang cantik cantik, pasu kecil tu cantik iena tengok..sebelum ni iena pergi sarawak banyak beli batik je :D

  9. I went to Kuching once with my mom. And the souvenirs we bought were kek lapis, black pepper, and cat-themed trinkets.

  10. Pernah ade hadiah kawan bagi dari sarawak.. Meamng lawa2 cenderamata dekat sana..semua homemade.. Warna warni.. Hehehhe.. Bnayak pilihan

  11. That's my hometown.. Yes, they renovated it but I haven't get a chance to visit the new MHC.. :)


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