Seaventures Dive Rig: PADI 5-Star Resort at Sipadan, Sabah

Are you looking to go on a diving holiday to Borneo and The Celebes Sea? Make the trip unforgettable and extra special by staying in a dive rig and resort in Sipadan, Sabah!

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    PADI 5-Star Diving Resort‎ in sabah
    Seaventures Dive Rig: PADI 5-Star Resort at Sipadan, Sabah

    Seaventures Dive Rig: PADI 5-Star Resort at Sipadan, Sabah

    World's First Dive Rig & Resort

    Seaventures is the world’s first and only dive rig and resort located near the coast of Sipadan, Sabah. The former rig was converted into a world-class 5-Star PADI diving destination ‎that is perfect for divers who want to maximize their diving experience by cutting down traveling time on boats to get out into the sea.

    World Class Diving Spots
    Seaventures is a PADI 5-Star Resort at Sipadan, Sabah
    Best Diving Destinations PADI
    Seaventures Dive Rig in Sabah
    Top 10 Dive Sites in the World
    Divers relaxing at the main deck after a long day out in the sea

    This one-of-a-kind resort offers an unlimited but optional house reef dives for an instant, uninhibited access to the Celebes Sea right below the rig.

    The scuba diving platform is a 30-minute boat ride away from the globally recognized Sipadan Island that is known as the scuba diving mecca of the world. With courses tailored for beginners to seasoned professionals, Seaventures connects divers to a few of the earth’s best diving sites such as South Point, Turtle Cavern, and Barracuda Point. There are approximately 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species thriving here, even the rarer ones like Green Turtles, Giant Sea Cucumbers, Nudibranchs, and Triton’s Trumpet.

    Must-Dive Destinations For 2020
    Ginger beer or wine? Enjoy a cold drink between dives
    Seaventures Dive Resort
    Full rental at Seaventures includes BCDs, wet suits, regulators, masks and fins.

    PADI Courses at Sipadan Island

    Every course taken at the Seaventures Dive Rig will include PADI PIC and manual, course dives as per PADI standard, and dive equipment. Dive packages are inclusive of scheduled return transfers for a minimum of two divers, 3 boat dives daily after course days, unlimited house reef dives, accommodation and full-board meals.

    For more information, please click here.

    The best places to go diving in the world. Sipadan
    Do not miss out on "rig jumping" when you're here.
    Photo credit: Seaventures

    Facilities at the Seaventures Dive Rig

    Divers who are in need of entertainment on-board can choose from an array of amenities. Adventurous ones can further take a boat to the nearby Mabul Island to explore its pristine coast and unique dwellers - the Sea Gypsies in a short but eventful day trip. Other facilities provided at the Seaventures Dive Rig include an open air dining area, bar, free Wi-Fi, a mini gymnasium, massage room, camera room, main deck lounge, sundeck lounge, conference room that fits up to 60 people, as well as a game room that comes with a table tennis table, pool table and mahjong table.

      Where is the Best Diving in the World
      Sabah is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets. Witness nature at its best with a bird’s eye view from the highest vantage point on the rig at the sundeck
      diving in sipadan sabah
      Game room and entertainment on Seaventures
      World's 100 Best Dive Sites
      Conference room on Seaventures
      Seaventures Dive Rig Rates and Prices
      There is also a mini gym in Seaventures
      Top 15 best places to dive
      Feeling sore? Get a full-body massage at Seaventures!
      Best Scuba Diving in the World
      Full rental at Seaventures includes BCDs, wet suits, regulators, masks and fins.
      borneo divers mabul resort
      Full rental at Seaventures includes BCDs, wet suits, regulators, masks and fins.

      Room Rates & Prices

      There are three types of accomodation at Seaventures Rig, including Standard Room, Deluxe Room, as well as the Dormitory. For more information on the rooms as well as to check the latest availability and rates, please click here.

      Note: The charges for an upgrade from Standard Room to Deluxe Room is RM250 per night. There are only 3 deluxe rooms currently available on the rig.

      diving in mabul, sipadan
      Deluxe Room
      Spacious with a seating area. Equipped with satellite TV, fresh bedding, towels, air conditioner, hot shower and housekeeping.
      Room Rates of Seaventures Dive Rig, Sabah
      Deluxe Room at Seaventures Dive Rig, Sabah
      Seaventures Diver Package Promotion
      Standard Room
      Twin/double room furnished with fresh bedding, towels, air conditioner, hot shower and housekeeping.

      Sipadan Diving Packages & Price

      Prior to traveling here, divers are required to apply for the Sipadan diving permit for a guaranteed and minimum of 3-night stay (subject to availability). The Seaventures diving packages do not include the Sipadan diving permit (RM140), equipment rental, dive computer rental and other miscellaneous charges. For the latest information and updates, please click here.

      the best dive sites throughout Southeast Asia
      Dormitory Room price & packages on Seaventures
      Seaventures Dive Rig package
      Standard Room price & packages on Seaventures

      Seaventures Dive Rig

      Contact numbers: +6088 251 669, +6088 261 669
      Mabul Island, Sabah

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      1. Hari tu pi Mabul ada nampak oil rig ni..n our tour guide bagitau tu resort.. Mmg menarik.. Will share this with my sister.. Sbb dia duk sana skrg ni

      2. I wish that C-19 pandemic will go away soon as I am so overdue for another vacation and I think going here will be the best option to unwind.

      3. COVID 19 PLease go away...i need a staycation..i need a vacation...the price are ok and affordable..the environment is really i wish i could be there...

      4. Ahhh, missing my hometown in Sabah ❤️ Looking forward to a normal life again to travel and explore these amazing attractions. Thanks for sharing this🥰

      5. bestnyaaa.. i pernah sampai mabul je, sipadan belum pernah sampai lagi. hope ada rezeki nak dive in sipadan.

      6. Heard that this place is the most beautiful place to dive. Actually sabah memang cantik pun one of my fav state

      7. Tak pernah lagi pergi Sabah, bestnyaaa , sabah cantik tapi tulah hope everything back to normal soon

      8. rare betul percutian macam ni. boleh juga rasai macam mana org yang berkerja di offshore

      9. Kita pernah dengan dan pernah baca pasal resot kat tengah laut ni atas planta minyak ni kan hehehehe tapi tak pernah sampai.. Orang geng pepond jom next trip kita lepas habis PKP yerrrr...

      10. Oh my God! If boleh stay here next trip, boleh experience staying at the rig and perghh the rig jump activity really catches my eyes tho! Hopefully I have the courage to do it too.. this is so much fun..

      11. Grace, ni salah satu bucket list akak utk ke sana. Dulu pernah nak diving dalam lautan di Sipadan. Tapi jadi takut. Duit memang lebur lah sebab ketakutan tengok laut gelap. So akak plan nak ke PADI utk berlatih dengan lebih baik. Doakan after Vaccine COVID-19 dapat ke Sabah. Rindu laut.

      12. Boleh share dengan bakal menantu Sis ni, dia memang Diving punya orang, ada lesen semua.. Cuma tau dia ada pergi Sipadan dulu untuk Diving, cuma tak tau lee mana.. nanti Sis share..

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